Is the NFC miles ahead of the AFC in 2016-17? | THE HERD

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Colin Cowhed tells you why the NFC playoff picture is unbelievable this season.

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20 Responses

  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd says:

    Which playoff game are you most looking forward to watching this weekend?

  2. Nomnso Okeke says:

    Well, he called it…

  3. Doug T says:

    an ad halfway through a 4 minute video? c'mon Fox

  4. Struggle Bus says:

    Dallas Dallas Dalles that's all I'm hearing Dallas vs New England there is more teams in the playoffs

  5. Monica Mix says:

    Colin sounds like SAS….just hating and hoping,wishing,and prayin that my Cowboys lose.Hmmm….Hating America's Team,just for ratings…what. r they thinkin?

  6. Nathan Faux says:

    I wish you knew more colin.

  7. Reece Monroe says:

    Idk why make it seem like the Cowboys' road is so hard.The Giants is a hard matchup for the Packers and vice versa. If either of those teams play the Cowboys, they have to play a 1 seed, enough said about that. Then if that team beats the Cowboys, they have to play the Falcons which are the best offense in the league. Then the Patriots. Stop making it seem like the Cowboys are the only team with a tough road to the Super Bowl

  8. Smokey Spur says:

    only because of injuries, last season and the season before AFC playoffs have been great. Not to mention the AFC has won more SBs recently, the NFC has more parity this year though.

  9. Daniel Kirk says:

    wonder why patriots go to the super bowl a lot?

  10. Cody says:

    Falcons Super Bowl 51 champions Matt Ryan regular season MVP

  11. Ugly Ass says:

    He turned this into a cowboys video of course

  12. UsingMyYoyo says:

    Atl don't even have to play D… They just have to out score you ahahaha

  13. Ash&Misty says:

    the NFC is far better then the AFC

  14. Warriors4Life says:

    He match ups will be funner to watch in the NFC but the afc is better if d Carr is healthy

  15. nikesback says:

    obviously hes sleeping on 3 of the sexiest teams in the NFL Raiders Chiefs Dolphins

  16. Andrew Brush says:

    No love for Detroit

  17. mark slade says:

    Well Cowherd, you don't know until happens. You don't have a crystal ball to look into the future. You are basing everything off of stats and the past. One thing I know, is Football is never that cut and dried, you can't predict what will happen. If its Cowboys year, then so be it. Same goes for Falcons, or KC. Never know.

  18. Tsukuyomi27 says:

    NFC is collectively better, but the AFC has a better chance to win a superbowl because the Patriots are so far ahead of every other team in the league.

  19. mitchell Demoss says:

    He says this but 3 out the 4 best teams in the NFL come from the AFC the Falcons will get blown in the Divisional round the cowboys will loose in the divisional round the Packers will beat the Giants in the championship game

  20. Joseph Ellsworth says:

    I will always love how one moment you say the Seahawks Def is average, then the next, that Def vs the Dallas off. Just one example but you do it all the time.

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