Justin Willman – The Big Live Comedy Show Highlights – YouTube Comedy Week

Justin Willman performs his unique brand of magic.


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YouTube Comedy Week – May 19-25
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20 Responses

  1. Aaron Davis says:

    i wanna learn that!

  2. iCHAWY says:

    The banana trick has been done before, but Siri's voice does add a bit of comedy.

  3. Kevin Kuo says:

    I found Confucius at 2:24

  4. Xavier Triggs says:

    Hey its that douche from cupcake wars

  5. Renita Payno says:

    Awesome sauce! I'm excited to see you next week. Yay!

  6. TheRealTrentPorter says:

    I thought he was gonna end with pulling strawberries out of the cloth. This was hilarious though

  7. Benjamin Gould says:

    i want those jeans

  8. Sonam Pelden says:

    LOL…..ur really talented Justin! ^_^ I enjoy watching you perform!! Lots of Love…a huge fan of urs from #Bhutan  

  9. Taylor Tran says:

    This is my favorite thing ever

  10. bullsquid42 says:


  11. Ledwing says:

    Now he's hosting a Disney gameshowc called "Win Lose or Draw"

  12. Tanner says:

    I loved the magic gesture!!!

  13. la mejor marca de TECNOLOGIA says:


  14. Perry Li says:

    Banana trick was good. TSA one was wayyy too easy to see through. Gotta love that magical gesture though.

  15. 1mondo98 says:

    I loved comedy week!

  16. Rich Ferguson says:

    Good stuff J!

  17. cheelu1000 says:


  18. Frankie Zappardino says:

    The banana trick got me.

  19. sarah pillman says:

    he took out the case and placed it on the stool

  20. chelxpichu says:

    1:51 iphone w/o case
    2:33 iphone with case

    BUSTED >:D

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