Kellyanne Conway’s HEATED INTERVIEW on Trump, Russia, and Trumpcare with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota

Kellyanne Conway's HEATED INTERVIEW on Trump, Russia, and Trumpcare with CNN's Alisyn Camerota

FULL INTERVIEW: Kellyanne Conway’s heated interview on Trump, Russia, and Trumpcare with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota. JUNE 23, 2017. PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAINING:
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  1. Dose of Dissonance says:

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  2. Paul Cordova says:

    liberal media is a joke.

  3. Victor Rene says:

    not a smidgen of collusion

  4. RhythmOfTomorrow says:

    Clinton News Network

  5. Michael Condon says:

    This Fake News Talking Head reporter hasn't had a thought of her own since Christ left Chicago and refused to pay his phone bill.
    There isn't an American who doesn't already know Russia tries to hack everyone's election process; every country attempts it in one fashion or another; including the U.S.
    The idea Donald had anything to do with collusion, is beyond laughable. God bless Donald, God bless America, and God bless Donald for keeping his Campaign Promises.
    Who the hell says Donald can't defend himself and America at the same time; earn our respect or S-T-F-U. We finally have an American President who stands up for himself, and for America; "Bark at the Big Dog on the porch, and you'll get your ass bitten off". That's as American as Apple Pie. It doesn't get anymore American than that.
    The Media's have self destructed, and America has thanked Donald for it.
    Today's Media discussions validate the Media's are nothing more than spin tanks, rotating as fast as they can to prevent their own stink from making them throw up.
    The Dem's, Rep's. Lib's, and Snow Flake had the last 50 years to correct the mess they've make of America, and all we have to show for their handiwork are Terrorist Groups, Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Immigrates and Criminals, Unvetted Immigrants, Trade Agreements an Idiot wouldn't enter into, Trade Deficits, the destruction of our Middle Class, Police gunning down innocent Citizens, Political Correctness, and a lot of other worse things.
    We sent a clear message on Nov 8th, 2016. WE VOTED FOR CHANGE ! ! ! ! Anyone who disagrees, show us the proof we shouldn't change, or S-T-F-U.
    God bless Donald, God bless America, and God bless Donald for keeping his Campaign promises.

  6. V Tach says:

    Not sure why the Trump team agrees to be interviewed by these leftist traitors.

  7. david delmore says:

    this is clearly a violation of animal rights for the parrots used to explode in these two womens faces..! ROOAAAAT I MADE A FUNN EEEEE ROOOOAAAATT

  8. BS HUNTER says:

    How ironic, the rabid left employ the very same willful ignorance towards Islam and Mohammad as the Trump loonies like Conway do towards Russia. Cyber attacks anyone?

  9. Buck toothed Rattlesnake says:

    Left? Nothing Left at all.

  10. albert attias says:

    cnn fake news

  11. aphid5840 says:

    Trump will do exactly what the Kenyan Muslim did. Nothing.

  12. Daniel Peterson says:

    This is all so much more interesting after we understand that CNN milked this fake story for ratings… Not a real news outlet, if you ask me…

  13. NINA says:

    CNN always drags Trump's legs, not let him to focus on doing jobs and makes USA great

  14. Loralye2 says:


  15. regina borreby says:

    ALICEN ?SHUT ???Horrible Mouth ??SHIT ????? CNN RABIES ✋️????CNN ???. GET A LIFE.

  16. Team G Gang says:

    Well this just sucks, so why not subscribe to my youtube channel! We aren't that good yet, just starting out me and my grands! I have only 7 subscribers but hey, got to be better than this over n over again!! Team G Gang!

  17. Troy Bohnet says:

    Fake and biased news

  18. sam hill says:

    Trump's dismantling our so called democracy that should be our first concern.

  19. Brad Hartman says:

    CNN is fake news.Get it in your heads

  20. Gwen Martinsen says:

    Good for you, Alisyn Camerota, for keeping Kellyanne on your agenda better than other interviewers. You didn't let her go off, at least not very far, on her unrelated, diverting issues. You did a great job. Of course, we still don't get straight answers.

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