Kreayshawn – Guci Gucci

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  1. Jungle Fever says:

    that was before the Golden State Warriors had any fans

  2. ben waterfall says:

    it would be fun to party w them

  3. Ripley Janzen says:

    like if adoseofbuckley sent you here

  4. GreenBeatleMusic says:

    Goodbye good music, we'll miss you.

  5. Naomi Menace says:

    Yeah. She got her own style so stfu. She's FAR from Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Her beats are raw as hell!!!!

  6. 2013florence says:

    yea you can kiss the ring but you could never touch the crown i smoke ah million swisher blunts and i anit never coming down <3

  7. Melanie C says:

    At least guci makes decent clothing while you were a table cloth

  8. jssbaber says:

    Kreayshawn is hot as fuck

  9. Ant Joseph says:

    Kreayshawn bad as fuck. I don't care what y'all sayin.

  10. BeachSkulls says:

    narr kreayshawn got her own shit goin down they aint even in the same leagues

  11. Baby Money says:

    try 480 p dummy

  12. finnbirkett07 says:

    nah they're both terrible.. shamefully i like this 😛 but i see where you're coming from a bit :L

  13. DarkSteel117 says:

    Bitch please…..Al Capone.

  14. 2mad2behere says:

    I would really like to see a video of all these "gangstas" there are nowadays in music meeting some real criminals, big drug lords and such.

  15. Alex Reumante says:

    ur probably ripping on this because u cant afford it

  16. DarkSteel117 says:

    I feel bad for a person in a coma waking up after 40-50 years to this kind of crap

  17. Saf A says:

    this actually sucks…wtf has happened to music?!

  18. Terry Behrendt says:

    Kreayshawn's side kick is the bomb.

  19. fruzsiibalogh says:

    omg, she is not at all copying nobody! just look at she. she is look like totally other like nicki or katy. and her music? think now! they are pop and r n' b singers. kreayshawn sing alternative hip-hop. anybody can say anything, she've got her own style

  20. Philip Thomsen says:

    I weep for humanity.

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