Lionel Messi – All 54 Goals for Barcelona 2016/17 – HD

Lionel Messi all 54 amazing goals for Barcelona with English Commentary 2016 – 2017, and messi was La Liga’s 2016/17 top scorer.


Illenium Ft. Liam O’Donnell – It’s All On U (T-Mass & LZRD Remix)
JP Cooper – September Song (JELLYFYSH Remix)
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20 Responses

  1. Eden Hazard says:

    I appreciate both Ronaldo and Messi they're incredible. But you wanna know the difference ? Everything Ronaldo tries so hard to do Messi does it so easy! If Messi scores a spectacular goals it is because it was meant to be spectacular! Ronaldo always wanna do something better than his competitors and it's working for him. But for pure joy and love of football you have to prefer Messi

  2. M walid says:

    How many penaltiesssss!!!

  3. TZSPS says:

    Look at his goals and Ronaldo's goals Messi is on another level you can't compare the two

  4. Maxwell Joer says:

    fuck you barshitlona fuck you messhit

  5. Gabriel Rodriguez says:

    Merece el balon de oro

  6. amari ebbin says:

    the thing is most of his tap in goals are either one twos or from a move he made and same for pk's which most other players this isn't the cae

  7. Marcos Delgado says:

    I'm hoping he can continue scoring goals for next season??

  8. cr7 mnu says:

    54 best goalazo

  9. Paul Mwangi says:

    the best

  10. Sebastian pina says:

    Messi first goal was a header LOL GOAT

  11. nalbandian99 says:

    Top 7 : 2-21-23-25-30-37-52

  12. Guyjik Loumni says:

    We are looking forward to seeing the best key passes , the assists and the solo runs as well 😉 thanks

  13. alex kanyima says:

    3 successful season for Messi's performances, he is now hungry for Russia

  14. Finn Walsh says:

    People base how good players are via their stats, but just by watching Messi you know he's the best

  15. ravi choudhary says:

    amazing messi

  16. Footbalr Finn says:

    It's Atletico not athletico

  17. Matt Patrick says:

    And yet ronaldo will probably win balon dor simply because he is on a better team when clearly messi has been better this season. What a shame. Messi has more goals as a midfielder than ronaldo does practically playing striker and has more assists, he deserves it even if the rest of his team have struggled.

  18. BLUc18 says:

    Balon d Or

  19. Yoel Yohanes says:

    Ballon d'or 🙂

  20. Yoel Yohanes says:

    Madrid the best club this year, but the other side Messi is the best player this year.. ready for the ballon d'or bro…. 😀

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