Lionel Messi vs Diego Maradona ● Similar Goals Compilation ●

Not only lefties, not only wear 10 in Barcelona and selection, not only are the best footballers in the history of football.. they also made similar goals


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Journey Through the Victory

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20 Responses

  1. Elfenomeno11 once says:

    maradona joto pinche pecho frio

  2. angel fabian says:


  3. Duhan Yıldırım says:

    maradona 1000 takar

  4. rayadorick says:

    Both are impressive but only one has a world cup and that's what sets them apart.

  5. Fernando Aguirre says:

    El mejor Es El Diego

  6. lak lak says:

    maradona or messi +1

  7. LUCAS V says:

    Messi way way way way way way way way will better than Maradona. They are different times and Messi's time of playing is way more competitive than maradonas time playing 100% messi is the best in history of football and theirs no doubt about it

  8. alex man says:


  9. Rajvir Singh says:


  10. Rajvir Singh says:

    0:27 give me goosebumps every time!

  11. Juan Ignacio Rodriguez says:


  12. benjamin loyola says:

    que pendejo al comparar a maradona con messi. si ves la diferencia hacerlo en un mundial que contra equipos de españa…

  13. Fabi Alterini says:

    A mi parecer, de acuerdo a lo que se ha visto dentro de una cancha, Messi es mucho más increíble, por la velocidad y quiebre de cintura inigualable, es extrema la velocidad en que hace todo eso..Maradona muy bueno, pero era más de enganches, pisar y tirarla larga, en pegada son similares, dos pie de ángel, pero Messi es más imparable, encima que ha hecho muchísimos más goles y asistencias y todavía le quedan como 5 años tal vez de carrera..

  14. Esmeralda Meza says:

    son mejores los de Maradona tienen más clase

  15. Adrián Cruz Vásquez says:

    Maradona better

  16. Geo says:

    Messi has to play in BPL the best league in the world with the best player in the world. Surely messi cant handle the conditions but it would be interesting. messi plays in spain with all but 2 being small teams

  17. Alejo Lopez says:

    Los dos!

  18. laligapredictions com says:

    The skills on the field are very equal, but when it comes to personality Diego is simply just a stronger leader. Both are great players maybe even the two best ever and both are the very definition of a 10 on the field!

  19. Mindflower 89 says:

    Amazing how all these goals look alike!

  20. thevarioty436 says:

    complete carbon copies of each other, forget what team, what pitch what ere they are crazy similar at their prime

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