Martin Clunes Interview 2011 and Alec Clunes

Martin Clunes Interview and some scenes of his father Alec Clunes in The Buccaneers (1956) and Tomorrow at 10 (1965)

Martin Clunes announces a series 6 – click on the link below:
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20 Responses

  1. TheAznative101 says:

    He is the complete opposite of his character.

  2. pat clark says:

    He seems awful nervous in every interview don't you think?

  3. Julia D'Onofrio says:

    Nice chat, but how horrible is the decoration in this set!!

  4. indica 777 says:

    Wish they hadn't cut out the audio of the funny parts on this video but….Doc Martin wil always be among my very top favorite films! Extremely well cast! Wonderful environment. Things only the English can do.

  5. Lesli D says:

    What a sweetie he is..

  6. Lesli D says:

    Was the word "breast" taken out?  That is nuts..

  7. HappyMusic says:

    he's so handsome!:)

  8. Lord Nelson says:

    lung cancer got him and martin was only about 8 year old when he died in 1970, martin i the double of he's mother

  9. linda prior says:

    I love Martin Clunes… will there ever be an up date.. on William and Mary…my all time favorite…

  10. Marilyn Crosbie says:

    It was so cute when he read from the medical journal.

  11. Sue Harvey says:

    I bet he has one hell of a physique under that suit! Looks like a useful prop forward….

  12. Jean Meka says:

    This the best show on american tv. Great acting
    And wonderful storyline. Love it.

  13. romeaffair says:

    Such a sweetheart.

  14. 3636Clarence says:

    He has such an impish smile & twinkle in his eye. A genuinely likable person..

  15. mary burke says:

    Question?? i have notice that they make fun of Martin when he does something different,i love him in what ever he does,he does these different things so well………

  16. dao estrada says:

    subtitle please

  17. KissHope says:

    WOW he looks so much like his father.

  18. KissHope says:

    I would love to see Martin knighted…he deserves it for all of his works.

  19. Redoubtable A says:

    Yep! That sure is Shaw. Before he (Shaw) ever heard of Steven Spielberg or "Jaws"! Isn't it fun to see some of the early stuff… before today's behemoth stars became famous for their brilliant art skills?

  20. Redoubtable A says:

    Attribute Clunes' genuinely warm smile and honest persona to his actor excellence. He has grown into one of Britain's… the world's best Actors. It must require unimagineable artful skill to so completely morph one's persona (how does he make those sneers and scowls with his face!!) from pleasant, warm nice guy… to arrogant, disdain for all persona of DM. It's undeniable evidence of Clunes's superb acting ability… that you can't "reconcile" his real self from DM. Good! Hope you agree.

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