Matt Fraser vs Nathan Beaulieu Nov 13, 2014

Matt Fraser vs Nathan Beaulieu Nov 13, 2014

Matt Fraser vs Nathan Beaulieu from the Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens game on Nov 13, 2014.
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20 Responses

  1. Connor D'Anthony says:

    Love how he goes "connects on one they both go down" like Fraser didn't lose the fight lmao ?

  2. Chip Ahoy says:

    Oh Jack Edwards. "It's those tumbles at the ends of fights that you gotta watch out for." Yeah, that and those fists that go flying towards your face at the start of fights, but those are just secondary 😉

  3. Zach says:

    Jack Edwards would have came all over the press box if this fight went the other way

  4. badboy007 says:

    dont poke the teddy bears!! will call them the Winnie the Pooh team!! FUCKK BOSTONNNNN!!

  5. CyS Kurtins says:

    I'm surprised the Boston announcer didn't declare Fraser the winner of that fight.

  6. Jason James says:

    Goof bruin to the ground.

  7. Rockin Robbee says:

    Fraser down.

  8. Tony Chen says:

    NESN, great sports network, these Montreal fans don't have the brains to make fun of this net work, they should go keep their mouths shut, and they could go fuck themselves, lol!

  9. one more time says:

    And Jerk Edwards would say "Frasers knees buckled like a rented mule after that heavy right from Beaulieu"

  10. Minacious says:

    Wow, that was boring.

  11. Zeke1379 says:

    24 cups…B's fans are gonna die knowing the Habs are the best.

  12. Zeke1379 says:

    Hey Fraser….GET UP!!!!!…ala Edwards

  13. Cam O'Brien says:

    the canadiens beat the bruins with their two highest payed players out and marchand out by only 2 points thats nothing to be proud of 

  14. Mateus Hendler says:


  15. askabourgo says:

    Beau Flow

  16. Jetson Oscar says:

    Ha Jack Edwards… can't even acknowledge that his beloved Bruin player got tuned with one punch.  (Just like Lucic I might add!) 

  17. KoivuTheHab says:

    Fraser doesn't know how to swing?

    He really need to stick to playing hockey. Too bad he is crap at that too.

  18. wnycarcare says:

    boychuck, thorton, and chara is what this team needs

  19. J Mac says:

    "It's those tumbles at the end of fights" Jack Edwards AKA douche bag homer bias clown show

  20. Jimmy Jimmy says:

    Fraser go home.You get rekt like a loser

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