Mhairi Black: SNP MP’s maiden speech in full

“I am the only 20 year old in the UK that the Chancellor is prepared to help with housing.”

Mhairi Black’s maiden House of Commons speech.
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19 Responses

  1. Shazia Shah says:

    I am absolutely overwhelmed with admiration for the courage and honesty with which this young woman speaks the truth. I wish i had watched it before. I have commanded my children to watch it, to be inspired by a young person who cares about others

  2. Shaun Underwood says:

    Just like to thank the folk of Renfrewshire for choosing Mhairi in 2017 , im a labour voter , but Mhairi is one of the most honest politicians ive ever seen

  3. grecohungary daz says:

    who in the fuck voted for her paisley lost the fucking plot fucking dump

  4. M C says:

    What a Maiden Speech, holy shit. Passionate, emotional and honest. Powerful stuff.

  5. lorreemud says:

    I love Mhairi. She is the only light in politics. I wish she were my MP Xx

  6. Archimedes Woo says:

    Mhari Black should be made Prime Minister. It's about time someone with some common sense replaced the self centered imbeciles that have been running the country for as long as I can remember.

  7. WatchDog says:

    Tomboy and a binge drinker… Perfect job for her as she can get smashed drinking then claim it on her MPs expenses!

  8. Mark Star says:

    She's fantastic, better than most politicians twice her age

  9. Largesse1000 says:

    Grubby, tiresome. Fock off you Scots scum.

  10. Marko Rankovic says:

    Many people would be inspired, but if you're like me, you will be crying instead :/

  11. Happy Bear says:

    Such a classless girl.

  12. PS3GamingScotland says:

    Go on yerself hen!

  13. george o'connor says:

    What a disgusting woman

  14. Helen25243 says:

    Well done Mhairi Black. What a confident, caring young woman. Caring enough to point out how unfair it is for the paid for by taxpayers 2nd homes of these money grabbing MPs. She made me sit up and take notice and I'll wager no one in the benches fell asleep while she was speaking. Keep it up.

  15. cd loges says:

    An absolute NED. Should be put down.

  16. Dave Freeman says:

    COMMUNIST Glaswegian

  17. I Member says:

    Tracey Ullman brought me here ?

  18. JobCentrePuss says:

    Awesome Mhairi Black : )

  19. JRT Underground says:

    SHOUTING, but of fuck all interest or relevance to fucking anybody… fuck off ya wee bint

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