*Miracle* Australian win against England (last 3 overs)

25 off the last ten balls? England thought the game was all theirs…But James Faulkner, the number 9 batsman, has a legendary knock which helped Australia to an incredible come-from-behind victory in the second ODI at the Gabba. Multiple sixes, fours and strategic singles.

From the 2nd ODI between England and Australia held on 17/01/2014.
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20 Responses

  1. Raja Atif says:

    i never seen that relex batting at no 10

  2. soumi mondal says:

    England has invented cricket and Australia is winning world cup for 5 times.miracle.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????england did not how to play cricket.

  3. Mcum Shdg says:

    best finished in the world

  4. Rajeev Kumar says:

    luck favours the brave ??

  5. Aman Yadav says:

    NYC batting

  6. Akhil Raaj says:

    That second six of stokes is majestic:D

  7. suthar vikash says:

    4:24 traffik? police?

  8. biplab thapa says:

    what a match

  9. cameronismadd69 says:

    11:40 What a mad cunt.

  10. siddharth jha says:

    This is a "Dhoni like" knock by Faulkner

  11. Usman Aslam says:

    when was this match

  12. ali muhammad says:


  13. Aamir Malik says:

    poor captency nd poor bowling becoze he is the player of leg side only…take two fielder on ofside nd u cane bowl out side the off stump.. .6 six on leg side

  14. Safdar Akbari says:

    Best of reactions from M Clarke…love it

  15. Mast Malang says:

    real cricket

  16. jai hind says:

    Australia is a good team

  17. Kamran Khan says:

    OZ you beauty!!!

  18. charan thej says:

    One cool head made fool of 11 dickheads…. epic

  19. Eshan Ashraf says:

    The target is wrong no one noticed it

  20. 0Zolrender0 says:

    He is not called "The Finisher" for nothing…

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