How did some of these guys make it to the NBA?

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20 Responses

  1. yonatan laguta says:

    "Make a wish overgrown kid"

    I am dead??

  2. Θεμης Α. says:

    man why you hate Euroleague?

  3. Krishiv04 says:

    Like or your jump shot will be worse then this

  4. CCBG Lit says:

    Like or have troydan basketball knowledge

  5. BIGAMER GR says:

    You have never played basketball fat

  6. Will Ryan says:

    One of them is the nbl

  7. Niko Lemmones says:

    The last digit of your like is who you are

    6.Ray Allen
    7.Kevin Durant
    8.Brian Scalabrine
    9.Russell Westbrook
    0.Kawhi Leonard

  8. Bfoge15 says:

    This video sums up the Knicks franchise ?‍♂️

  9. JVTB fighter says:

    The knicks should be call called New York Bricks

  10. Cavs Fan says:

    fuck the Knicks player

  11. Ilia Jabarian says:

    The funny part is that the first guy is playing for real Madrid in the euroleague

  12. Sakis Koutsouras says:

    Wtf is your problem with Euroleauge???They play "Basketball" in Euroleague!!Not like in the NBA

  13. Adam Bignell says:

    This "the last digit of likes is the NBA player you are" is the new trend isn't it.

  14. AGRAP10 says:

    in the last clip. this was in the greek basketball leage and when he scored on his own net he tied the game and his team lost in overtime

  15. Nikexel // FirstChildHQ says:

    Somehow, I used to remember when I was PLAIN BAD at Free Throw, Worse than DeAndre Jordan. Every free throw, if i give strength to it, it will be hitting the back board so high, if i go weaker. It's airball. In My Basketball game in School. I was FOULED TWICE! So I had 4 Free Throws. All of them were a miss, I felt so embarrassed

  16. Festive Cringe says:

    Like or dont like. i dont care.

  17. Nova Vids says:

    make a wish kid that's fucked!

  18. Jeremy Palacios says:

    Parker's miss was for a bet that he won

  19. ARIS FC SUPER3 says:

    In the last video the guy hit the game winning shot for the opponents in his own basket

  20. Lorenzo Perez says:

    4:20 shit I think that's my mom

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