NBC documentary | AFC Bournemouth: Together, anything is possible

NBC documentary | AFC Bournemouth: Together, anything is possible

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20 Responses

  1. Jimbo says:

    Despite being a Cherries fan, Grimsby will always have a place in my heart for keeping us up.

  2. jean pomel pomel says:

    up the freakin' cherries ! cheers from France ! Long live To the clubs that dont let football die !

  3. Colin Garcia says:

    I'm a man city fan but what bournmouth has accomplished is unbelievable

  4. bordaz1 says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger…..Sylvester Stallone….Steve Fletcher

  5. Neil Pascoe says:

    as a palace fan. what a great story. ive watched this four times in a month now

  6. FvancyZ Fc1908 says:

    #UPTHECHERRIES from Ita?

  7. Ricky Grimshaw says:

    Watching this with tears because my dad first took me to the old Dean Court when I was 3 in 1999 and 18 years later as a 21 year old I am still there home and away with my grandad who is also a cherries fan. 3rd generation of AFCB supporters and hopefully my future children will follow in my footsteps.

  8. Ricky Grimshaw says:

    Love the cherries ? season ticket for 18 years

  9. Susmanski says:

    Stories like these truly shows how incredible of a game this is

  10. Luiz Vargas says:

    April 20, 2013. I was there, I'm from Brazil and I was living in Bournemouth. I saw the history and since then I'm always supporting to AFC Bournemouth here from Brazil.

  11. keith mullins says:

    As a Notts County fan I  can say, We can relate to the Cherries, in every sense of the word. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Stay up there for many years.

  12. Reza Hikmat Turrohim says:

    Together, anything is possible

  13. Joseph Skinner says:

    My dad was born and bred in Bournemouth, if only my grandparents would have been alive….
    So much to admire.
    Whenever I am down I just think of Bournemouth as the ultimate underdog….
    I will refer to Bournemouth forever-on with pride…

  14. j ko says:

    i needed to pick a prem team to follow since i never really got into english football being an American. I knew about the big clubs and all their glory but after watching this documentary before this premier league season started, I fell in love with this club and now we are in 11th place, coming off of a 4 game stretch of either winning or drawing. We Are Staying Up!! Up The Cherries

  15. Shaquille Lopes says:

    can I join your football club

  16. RobbeyJ Productions says:

    Come on Bournemouth!

  17. Michael Ferguson says:

    Love Bournemouth

  18. Sean Hohnstrater says:

    What was the song with the piano??

  19. HarryWessex says:

    In Secondary 2004-2009 we had a teacher who supported Bournemouth, we took the piss out of her… I guess she doesn't get that any more :L

  20. Sean Hohnstrater says:

    What was the song for when it went to commercial? It's like an inspiration and determination song

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