News Wave! – The Streaming Schedule For E3 Is Finalized! Let’s See When Everyone Goes Live!

E3 is only 9 days away, and people are getting hyped up for their favorite company to reveal new games on stage. The question has been when is each company going live on stream? Well we now have a finalized list of when everyone is going on, so let’s take a look at the schedule.

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Written List Of E3 Schedule:
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19 Responses

  1. Emily Sweets says:

    People who are obsessed with frame rates make me laugh. Who gives a fuck?

  2. Poppy Williams says:

    Thumbs up! Thanks for this info!
    Poppy in Georgia-

  3. Knowledge9998 says:

    When John said service games it reminded me that's what Sega stands for.

  4. Neo Morfeus says:

    Great video!

  5. Thiago Leanni says:

    Ps4 pro and xbox scorpio sucks a dick

  6. OLDKMT says:

    ill upgrade to vega if it turns out to be worth the hype. though i will be waiting for the price to come down regardless.

  7. Shinobi says:

    my right joycon got its slider broken but it can stiil attach to my switch and be used in portable though i will still get new joycon(the blue ones look sick)

  8. Carlos Fragoso B. says:

    If Bethesda doesn't show something cool Fallout related, I'm gonna call this E3 a failure for me.

  9. Brandon Benfield says:

    Bethesda and Switch!

  10. Gimpler Da Happenin says:

    4:18 – Fucking idiots. Anything falling from 1000 feet is gonna be destroyed. What are they testing exactly? How many other idiots watch this crap? I'd love to get a Switch, and these guys aren't helping at all.

  11. Mr. SpookyPants says:

    PS4 Pro 4k? wow new innovated advanced! Just get a pc and play 8k or whatever res they have now and you'll be set for the next 15 years when console catches up.

  12. lukas purple says:

    My joy con broke so they don't snap on they broke when I dropped it in the blue breath of the wild Nintendo case

  13. Jawnuhthun says:

    Someone who doesn't even have a solid or stable internet connection is probably the last person who would consider a PS4 Pro, so I really don't think that situation is as big a deal as you're trying to make it out to be, honestly.

  14. monkeyswag57 says:

    Is square enix not having a live stream? Damn i guess that will be at the coliseum

  15. Fernando Godinez says:

    its funny my nephew dropped my Switch and the left joycon also came out…now I can still put it back on but to take out I don't need to push the button at the back anymore…I guess it damaged or cracked a piece of the hinge that locks it to the device.

  16. Josh Greening says:

    yeah fuck that shit.. keep the stamp off if you don't have it out the box…

  17. DownrightSuperb says:

    That thumbnail vote is a cool idea! You are so awesome!

  18. UndeadCollector says:

    Even Pokemon Rumble World (3DS) have Microtransactions, but still was possible to Play without Money. Not sure if i want to Play it on Android

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