Nicole Scherzinger sings Purple Rain for One For The Boys

In June 2016, at the One For The Boys Fashion Ball in the V&A, Nicole Scherzinger first sang Purple Rain in tribute to Prince as requested by Samuel L Jackson. The performance took our breathes away and now we wanted to share it with you..

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20 Responses

  1. Never Back Down says:

    Oh my Lord where the hell this voice came from?

  2. Danielle Good says:

    When your heart and soul cry likes hers did during this beautiful song, it is a majestic site and sound to my ears. I adore her. She is the epitome of grace and beauty.

  3. Echo says:

    omg Nicole you have no idea what you just did for my life this was incredible ❤❤❤

  4. melissa l says:

    no words!! amazing. Tears in my eyes.

  5. Spicy Frijoles says:

    I love Nicole I just wished she sung songs like these that flattered her voice like this

  6. Freida Nix says:

    She should've his tribute.

  7. JY173 says:

    You can feel her pain through the music and to allow an audience to see and listen to all of it – that is giving me goose bumps from head to toe.
    I was crying. She did a perfect job <3 and Prince would be so proud.

  8. Stephen Michalski says:

    saw this awhile ago…when first out………forgot how great it was….forgot to record it….doing that now…..she did this beautifully and soulfully melodic.

  9. Finewine Now says:

    Woooooow this is amazing ♥️♥️♥️ love your feeling Nicole ??

  10. Gas Bid says:

    Thank you Nicole

  11. Glajda says:

    wow czysty nokaut ?

  12. Helen James says:


  13. Diana Chapa says:

    Lmao "y'all need to have a couple more drinks " DAMN RIGHT ! Lmfao ?

  14. Nina Courchesne says:

    Beautiful performance and such a sweet girl!!

  15. Kate Dowler says:

    Fair play too the yogurt lady

  16. Amina Akhtar says:

    RIP Prince, we miss you angel x

  17. Nouda Ashi says:

    Wow ?

  18. solomongrundee22 says:

    Amazing. Thank you. A great tribute to a legend:)

  19. Roxie Sharpei says:

    Out of all the tribute covers of Purple Rain (compared to Christina, even Celine), Nicole captured the essence, soul and emotion of Prince's infusion of this iconic torch song trilogy. Salamat Nicole – you represent!

  20. Carolyn Mells says:

    Nicole Scherzinger sing layout Prince song cover Purple Rain

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