Not an Irish Civil War Prayer Vigil after all!


    Not an Irish Civil War Prayer Vigil after all!
    Sinn Féin
    Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
    We thought that this W.D. Hogan photograph was taken during the Irish Civil War. The title on our catalogue was: "A prayer vigil, during the Irish Civil War, possibly in London" – at least we were partly right!

    It had been suggested that this was taken in London, because it was stamped on the back with "Photo by The Press Photographic Agency, Johnson’s Court, Fleet St., E.C.4.". Have to admit I wasn’t initially convinced about London, but am absolutely happy to say that I was entirely wrong…

    Have a look through the comments below, to see how the location of Downing Street in London was established by our Fantastic Flickroonies, and hence an accurate date for this photo… So we’ve achieved two of our Triumvirate of Terrificness – Date established and Location identified. If we identify any of the people, I may faint away with happiness! 🙂

    Date: Thursday, 14 July 1921 (at approximately 17:30)

    NLI Ref.: HOG1


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