[Payday 2] How to Ruin a Perfect Stealth

Twitch.tv highlight of Golden Grin Casino stealth
Mods – http://steamcommunity.com/groups/generalmcbadass/discussions/0/1368380934243100342/

➢ Twitch.tv Streaming – http://bit.ly/1ylXoQ7
➢ Steam Group – http://bit.ly/1zsuNWc
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20 Responses

  1. jerome scott says:

    It took you almost 3 minutes to piss god damn

  2. Krispy Kreme says:

    Everyone talking about the 2 people stealthing this entire thing but I'm over here paying attention to the conversation of the other two bickering at each other ?

  3. justsomebul says:

    u should go on console as a new player and run around acting like a noob but killing everything or just show up on a map like I can stealth this I saw a guy do it on YouTube then run through it like a pro lol

  4. DUWANG says:

    the song playing in the background is from metal gear solid 3 right?

  5. Rene A. Morfin says:


  6. DLR GAMES says:

    How long do u have to pee

  7. erma blow says:

    Everyone wants to do shit silent in this game really kills the fun of the game for me anyways. I play fps games to shoot guns not tip toe around. I dunno just my opinion.

  8. Mad Kwama says:

    Badass music starts at 4:15

  9. Notorious says:

    number 1 tip of stealth

  10. Kessler Magat says:

    I bet the next difficulty called "YOU WONT FUCKING SURVIVE THIS SHIT" and its the military

  11. Furionic696 says:

    Proof that 1 bad member can down a whole team in a single moment

  12. Pokemon Trainer says:

    Child hood memories when i was 7

  13. Ricardo Talavera says:

    He used to have 1 mil I tyink

  14. Pedro Sanchez says:

    why did hoxten nose look like a dick

  15. Gore Obsessed says:

    slow clap

  16. ZeVoks ZeNerd says:

    personally i like to run a death machine and china lake grenade launcher on stealth missions

  17. Dylix Croft says:

    there was no silent tripmine man after all…

  18. the pro7800 says:

    pin this DAMN YOU FIDDY

  19. Red Star says:

    Is the Yugio cards a mod?

  20. Roomba Rogue says:

    Answer: You fluff it.

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