Prannoy Roy Speaks To Arvind Subramanian On State Of The Economy

Prannoy Roy Speaks To Arvind Subramanian On State Of The Economy

Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian, in an exclusive conversation with NDTV’s Prannoy Roy, discusses the state of the Indian economy, inflation, the Goods and Services Tax or GST reform and the impact of the notes ban. On Thursday, Mr Subramanian had flayed global rating agencies, saying they haven’t upgraded India “despite clear improvements in our economic fundamentals” which include inflation, growth, and current account performance. Despite its rapid growth, India still has a BBB rating. China’s rating has been upgraded to AA, despite its slowing growth and rising debts. Earlier today, data showed India’s consumer inflation eased in April to its lowest in at least five years.

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20 Responses

  1. Mo Zaid Shaikh says:

    India is with you ✌ Truth is always hurts for those …..

  2. Mo Zaid Shaikh says:

    what a brilliant person … deserves to be part of NDTV✌

  3. Rahul Sharma says:


  4. Ravi Shekhar says:

    Rndtv….. presstitute no1

  5. group all says:

    great work,real discussion really enjoyed it.Always good to see Pronnay Roy.

  6. Prashanth .U Ganpathi says:

    Pranoy Roy has to be the one prick whose nerve cells shrivel as he grows older. He understands less about the economy than a 5 year old would do but drops names like he knows shit. If I was Aravind I would have slapped him. Kudos to his restraint

  7. anindita roy says:

    economy is mind boggling…..i will never be in business…..

  8. Sagar Gaur says:

    Wow … Just wow … Anyone who wants to understand the various aspects of an economy and the global developments, this interview is a must watch.
    Good for economics students!

    PS: I see even here some people who don't even understand the 'e' of economy are busy abusing and using filthy words. God save them.

  9. dpitchai says:

    The interviewer is irritating. He need to listen what Arvind says rather than what he hears from his earphone.

  10. Mark Feler says:

    Prannoy Roy: "Arvind, When you go to sleep at night, what keeps you awake?" Ha ha. what a question. How can he be sleeping and awake at the same time. Roy is a moron.

  11. Mark Feler says:

    Prannoy Roy should shut up and let the speaker speak. What an idiot! If you can't shut up, let some one else conduct the interview.

  12. sundeep Sernij says:

    ban this anti national Nehru dynasty corrupted sickular pressitute channel

  13. terroristan murdabad says:

    traitor ndtv

  14. utubetruthteller utubetruthteller says:

    Criticising the govt is one thing and disliking the govt even if the govt doing good is another thing. NDTV falls into the second category.

  15. GOURAV KUMAR says:

    Central govt's fiscal deficit under control still more govt expenditure(may be greater revenue collection)…..inflation lowest still interset rates are higher(may be RBI waiting for monsoon forecast&oil price uncertainty as usual and also increase in fiscal deficit at state level)….FDI highest ever hence ruppee strong still exports are high so current account deficit also narrowing(may be uplift in global demand)….credit growth(bank loan) and private investment lowest-Twin balance sheet problem ….still GDP showing higher number…so indian economy is full of ifs and buts and full of contradiction…..but the ugliiest problem is twin balance sheet problem.

  16. Dipak Basu says:

    Effective interest rate is 18 percent if you want to borrow from the banks. thus, all statistics given here are false.

  17. Buddhendra Shukla says:

    Why the hell is this guy describing what Arvind meant by macro stability that macro stability is macro stagnation!! Ridiculous arrogance by Roy. Watch his arrogance at 23:43

  18. Dipak Basu says:

    Lie, Damn Lie and Statistics: said by Winston Churchill.
    There is no job, companies are shedding people, and the economy is growing at 7 percent.

  19. The Viral Blog says:

    stfu Prannoy…let the guy complete a sentence

  20. Shilp Dixit says:

    Pranoy Roy, why don't you begin with paying your INR 2300cr FEMA penalty?…

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