Prannoy Roy’s Analysis Of PM Modi’s Gigantic Win

Election Results 2017: Watch Prannoy Roy and a panel of experts decode the Bharatiya Janata Party’s massive win in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, and the Congress’ face-saving victory in Punjab.
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19 Responses

  1. Chetan Chauhan says:

    madarchoodo ka muha utar gaya

  2. Sunny Sam says:

    Ndtv as become mod's election machinery to mislead people prannaroy is agent between bjp and Bachains because he holds shares in ndtv you got it?

  3. Pranav Raghu says:

    Frankly I don't mind anti bjp news (even though NDTV isn't really anti bjp). All major news outlets basically kiss the modi administration's ass. In a liberal democracy, the media is supposed to question the government. Here, tv-18, times network etc. have formed a nexus with the ruling party and are successfully handicapping our otherwise vibrant democracy

  4. Shekhar Mishra says:

    chutiyo ki barat discussing about ? haha

  5. yogi says:

    Prannoy roy is billionaire marxist. The oxymoron just makes my eyes roll

  6. Alpesh Choriya says:

    bjp and modi modi win in 2019 and 2024 Jay hind

  7. Akash Kapoor says:

    Some idiots in this panel.. Have you ever been in Lucknow or in UP for few months.. They are telling BJP raise issue about electricity supply on EID without having facts.. idiots please go there at time of EID and DIWALI you will come to know the difference.. Its a bitter truth but that kind of thing was happening from past several years.. I am not against anyone but Truth will remain same i am not sure why Political parties did all this may be for Vote or something else.. But Situation was same as described by BJP..

  8. Hrinder singh says:

    ROY is a PRESSTITUTE. Lowest calibre of human n Antinational.

  9. mantaray2511 says:

    Fuck you Rundee TV!

  10. Mahesh Patil says:

    Why are reporters so interested in temple..bloody presstitutes!!


    Pranoy Roy looks shit…time to go to jail for money laundering Congressi pimp…another pimp from NDTV is Vikram Chandra..hahaha..what a disgrace these people are.

  12. Dev Trivedi says:

    prannoy is still an educated derelict and will stay that way.

  13. g g says:

    pranoy Roy is superb

  14. Ashwani Kumar Singh says:

    prannoy roy ur days are numbered. u bastard laundered money and didnt pay tax. u madarchod ki aulad

  15. Achal Dhir says:

    This guy is totally fucked with BJP win. These guys support anti-industry govt in their state and they hunt on Delhi jobs. They still hate India and Delhi.

  16. Raj Sharma says:

    Ndtv.. anti hindu hai….

  17. Siddharth Shanker says:


  18. Sridhar P says:

    i was a big fan of Pranav during world this week.But i am so sad to see his views, his channel is so much skewed towards congress and so sadly has built in unbearable hatred towards BJP. if you observed the question of devisive politics was asked by different people in the panel switiching for each speaker from bjp.. i hope Pranav & NDTV get back to genuine reporting again.. may god bless them with the right intellect.

  19. Travis Miller says:

    Hats off to Arvind Kejriwal for showing the Courage to speak up against the seemingly #ElectoralFraud being carried out by BJumlaP,Feku Modi looks to be planting his corrupt stooges in Election Commission which should be a strong enough hint of that.BJumlaP couldnt let Kejriwal win Punjab cos Badals and Captain would be in Jail.

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