Question Time Leaders Special for GE2017 with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

Question Time Leaders Special for GE2017 with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

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20 Responses

  1. shadab ahmed says:

    I agree

  2. Malachy Caldwell says:

    Gobsmacked at some within the audience who make audible their disapproval at Corbyn's refusal to enter into a discussion on when and how he would use nuclear weapons – not least because those same idiots do not realise that pushing him into a corner and asking for a clear answer actually – and ironically – weakens British national security.

  3. Macrothyst says:

    Such a pathetic and out-of-touch excuse to bash Corbyn over the nuclear weapons debate "WE NEED TO BOMB COUNTRIES FIRST BEFORE THEY DO!" They might as well say we want the death of the planet on our hands. Nuclear warfare isn't like it used to be in WW2, it's not one country bombs another then that country bombs it back, that's an ancient system at this point. Simply one bomb, whether from Korea, America or even us would have a devastating knock-on-effect on the entire world.

  4. Marcus Robinson says:

    May wants to scrap the old Mental Health Act and introduce a new one!? Any idea of what that policy will entail? No information whatsoever! Mental Health is still by far one of the most underfunded areas of Healthcare in the UK, I suffer with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and all of my options are medication, very limited options of talking therapies and the hope that my anxiety does not stop me from working, there are times where I've needed time off but couldn't get it because I can't afford the time off as I work in social care. This country's attitude and stigma towards mental health is disgusting and it makes me ashamed to call myself British.

  5. Alex Leach says:

    gowan jezza

  6. Tom Ricci says:

    Everyone should know that that guy @ 1:17:00 is a fucking liar. That posh slimy Malfoy lied about being on a zero hours contract and has been called out for it by people who know the little twat. An example of Tory blithering idiocy, lying and self righteousness. Little cunt.

  7. Tom Ricci says:


  8. Tom Ricci says:


  9. Martin Dornan says:

    Police representative on Sky news when asked said that the Torys government was lying about police numbers in England.

  10. Martin Dornan says:

    SNP have increased the number of police officers in Scotland. The Torys ( Theresa May as Home Secretary for 6 years) cut the number of police officers in England by 20,000.

  11. Ottavia Zwillenberg says:

    Does Jeremy Corbyn realise that the rich being made to give away half of their money are just going to move away if he gets into power?

  12. zou gon says:

    A Prime Minister whose country has played a lot of leading roles to the UN and SC does not know the truth and figure of the aid budget for the country the SC gave sanctions against.

  13. David HSE Papa says:

    Well done, that lady at 1:10:30, for calling out the pompous arm chair generals.

  14. Peter Perfect says:

    Well done Jeremy, you have shown up Terrible Theresa for the phoney she is!

  15. FatCatMedia says:


  16. Oddo M says:

    There's always a thick northerner chatting shit!

  17. Vijay Balasubramanian says:

    1:10:28 Brava!!!!!

  18. Joe Viveiros says:

    Earning under 10 quid per hour & nuking millions of people is a vote big winner to some!

  19. Dingo Chung says:

    THE fat guy with glasses worried about north korea or iran nuking him… how stupid and pathetic can u get? did north korea or iran ever declared a threat against uk??? no . but saudi sponsered terrorists are at war with us and you tory banking friends are the biggest fans of saudi financial exposure in our banking system.

  20. catweasle primee says:

    sorry but it's about time we don't give a fuck about the feelings of the Muslims

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