‘Ready for any aggression’: NATO sees biggest spending increase since 2014

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of NATO says the alliance now has combat-ready forces, along Russia’s border. NATO’s military spending has seen its biggest increase since 2014, reaching almost 46 billion dollars. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8gaz

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19 Responses

  1. sumplex city says:

    NATO is a bully and it makes big talk when it comes to Russia they will never attack Russia because they know it will be the end of the alliance I promise you this.

  2. AKM5.45 SHOOTER says:

    That's Jens dude sounds like a pussy. Fucking warmongers

  3. sickbailey21 says:

    Its weird that people cheer lead this. Yay, lets take money away from programs which benefit our people at home, instead spend money on bombing defenceless people abroad which erodes our safety at home.

    Yes, it is that simple. The more we destroy other nations to turn a profit, the more people across the world become refugees and the more of them which harbour hate.

  4. BoxyTheSpaceDog says:

    Attack Russia and let's see what happens,fascist scum!

  5. Supes Me says:

    @ 1:10 a M88! cool

  6. Michael Mariner says:

    Fucking Terrorists and Baby Murderers..NATO Should be destroyed at all costs..What a disgrace!

  7. Cerebus421 says:

    disband NATO

  8. 0xzhxaka says:

    false flag isisrael structure , puppet kim to trash abe

  9. assault and battery says:

    Warmongering NATO. Increased military spending..Who gets the money?

  10. PsycheCell88 says:

    I like me a bit of Asian ass

  11. Peter C says:

    bring it on bitches!

  12. VeteranCape says:

    I hate how stupid people can be. Its so obvious who the agressor is. Why would Russia ever invade Europe?

  13. 2Lysergic4Insurgent7 says:

    NATO wants to be ready for any NATO aggression

  14. Frank Geeraerts says:

    Taxidermist wanted for Stoltenberg…………;

  15. Black Wallstreet says:

    I guess all the cock sucking RT and the Kremlin does for Trump hasn't paid off in the end..

  16. Paul Colourzone says:

    I think DEEP STATE is lying to Trump on geostrategic matters.
    They want a war with Russia to press the reset button because the masses have awakened to their secret society dealings and treason.

  17. Keith says:

    Cant get descent Dental Care in the USA, but we get to pay for Fucking NATO!!

  18. 00Billy says:

    hehe NATO is no where near ready to take on the SCO

  19. Zozodo Lewin says:

    fuk you N T u the are terrest the whant war

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