Road to Eldorado theme song

one of my favorite songs from the ROAD El Dorado
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  1. Kita Lorraine says:


  2. Ethan Slez says:

    Elton John boii

  3. TrainerCubey says:

    All kids movies nowadays involve the internet and boring shit, this stuff is the greates

  4. Damian Lys says:

    the memories <3

  5. Julia Jackson says:

    feeling nostalgic!

  6. Bel-Shamharoth says:

    The movie was really good. the soundtrack was phenomenal. why did it take me so long to finally see it?

  7. River Greystoke II says:

    Anyone else think this song is being sung by Chief Tanny, before Miguel and Tulio arrive?

  8. Seltro1 says:

    Does anyone know the instrument (I assume synthetic) that plays along side the guitar at the beginning?

  9. doodlemeimpressed says:


  10. Dwain Putnam says:

    Directed by Eric "Bibo" Bergeron

  11. RobzterGames says:

    we had a visit from one of the animators of this movie in my school, BEST DAY EVER!

  12. Raymond Hicks says:

    nice movie about panamanian history

  13. Barend Buchler says:

    Seriously this is awesome!

  14. Arthur Denorfia says:

    This is a good song.

  15. Ian Nunez says:

    once again great work by Elton John

  16. bartsimpson83 says:

    This was actually meant to launch a whole series of "Road To" films with Tulio and Miguel (supposedly, they had ideas for eight or nine installments), but its failure at the box office put the kibosh on that. It's kind of a shame it never went anywhere. It's not Dreamworks' best film, but it's good enough that a sequel or two would have been nice.

  17. Micael Lee says:

    Critics destroyed this movie, that's why I hate it, this movie is a great funny adventure, fuck you critics! Miguel and Tulio are legends!

  18. Mgen G. says:

    Road to El Dorado is an underrated classic.

  19. AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler) says:

    Most underrated movie soundtrack ever.

  20. nat says:

    I ship them so hard

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