Romelu Lukaku – Next Level – Amazing Goals, Skills, Passes – 2017 | HD

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20 Responses

  1. KaiiZoFilms says:

    Let me know if you like this new style of thumbnail ?
    Don't forget to share and like the video, it will help me enormously!

  2. M7MMD. YOUTUBER says:


  3. GreatDiablo says:

    There are still some stupid fucks thinks lukaku ain't worth 70+ million and not good enough. he's a pl proven and most of the top clubs in the world wants him. he can pass, he can score with his legs and good with his head, a dribbler, fast on the counter attack. i just don't how can people say he's not good enough when he score lots of goals every season, playing with fucking everton. imagine playing with hazard, willy, cesc and others, he can score lots of goals.

  4. maddbwoy says:

    seem he has entered beast mode. Truth is I had bit been paying him much attention at Everton and I though he still had the same weaknesses he did at Chelsea.
    From this, he is way better than he was

  5. Giordano Joseph says:

    If Chelsea sign him they can make him a legend like Drogba.

  6. Kaduzim1 says:

    Save to Brazil

  7. Abdihakim Hussein says:

    Beast and one of the best striker in the world. See you Chelsea shirt in August.⚽️❤️⚽️

  8. Arfen Malik says:

    I hope he doesnt come to chelsea, having watched Everton matches i realized he is just a big with no xtra talent that u need in big games, first he is easily dispossed, countles times i saw defenders take the ball from him a trait they share with Costa. His agression to attack tapin ballls is poor, he is just a big dude siiting uptop. Drogba was a huge dude but he could dribble n make passes n had agression to attack in the D area.

  9. Omar Muhammed Itachi ツ says:

    Really good video. goes very well with the music especially when he scores <3

  10. Abdullah says:

    Welcome home LUKAKU, Chelsea lover!

  11. w4k1- 70wn says:

    nightmare to defenders…ibra style..tall,strong,fast,lethal..i would like him at man u but he will go back to chelsea

  12. Zhong Yuan says:

    have fun in Chelsea

  13. Jacob Bøgh says:

    Time to come home Lukaku. Finally a true Drogba successor..

  14. polaris c says:

    Fuck the haters lukaku is amazing

  15. iluv cr says:

    welcome to chelsea

  16. mo Adam says:

    welcome to your old parent chelsea

  17. AmazingTrends says:

    probably when he gets to a good club hw will perform i mean score goals even 35+

  18. Adam Faal says:

    Absolutely fantastic video

  19. Umesh Nepal says:

    lukaku is coming to his dream club
    chelsea this summer. him and Costa up front would be lit

  20. salman yusuf says:

    agreement with united you heard it heare first

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