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19 Responses

  1. Snopp Dogg says:

    you think this is bad?!Try the dacia 1310

  2. Kaviraj Nosib says:

    I always see a Zafari VXR it looks really stupid but someone please tell me a VXR version of the Zafari is not real.

  3. The Bounty hunter Hunter says:

    suprised a veyron wasnt on this list XD

  4. jacker tracker bro says:

    im sorry i fucking hate you

  5. The Guy that loves games says:

    Dat edited exhaust tho

  6. Angus says:

    Trust me there is a car culture, you just have to look, in a lot of places 'high end' cars have a really good scene

  7. shadowp80 says:

    Lol so many butthurt corsa and Astra drivers

  8. Aldondrius Aldondrius says:

    All that dandruff on the t-shirt, nasty, wash your hair and change clothes, what a dirty guy.
    Also no research just ranting on stuff, what a challenged mind.

  9. Zero VStanced says:

    Dude…. People like you think because it has a vauxhall badge its instantly shit. You do realize some vauxhall's especially retro ones from the 90's as such are very quick. Example – Astra MK3 with a SAAB B204 engine. They can handle upto 600bhp on stock internals – that is not slow. Also a Zafira GSi has a very good engine too, Z20LET are good for 205bhp factory and can handle about 350 stock internals.

  10. James Thorpe says:

    Them zafira gsi's are actually fkn rapid some guy who lives down the road from me has one an hes making near enough 300whp

  11. Jakub Stadnik says:

    the zafira would shit all over him hahahaha

  12. Adam Townsend says:

    BlackPanthaa, you're a fucking idiot. If you knew a fraction of the GSi series Vauxhalls you'd truly understand and appreciate them. That Zafira was near standard for the GSi model. So what if the Bora was only a 1.8 Turbo? The Bora is a highly sought after car for VW enthusiasts primarily for it's chassis & engines. You honestly expect the UK Car Scene to be filled with top of the range Maybachs, Ferraris & Lamborghinis? Get a grip & let people enjoy the things they have.

  13. AndreXL says:

    Sorry dude but your videos are cool but your comments are so retardet..

  14. Lowered Legend says:

    when you hate on every car, even if it has thousands of dollars into it, because of something like a sticker or the body style, don't need to have a sporty car to go fast, and you don't need a sporty body style to be able to take 100 mph turns, oh well, 1 less subscriber for you ?

  15. Bol D'essence says:

    If you want to know the Peugeot 206 is the car of the Stupid french ricer.

  16. Goran Nikolic says:

    Horse sh*t !!

  17. Doge And mor says:

    America in car culture/my neighbor:DESIEL TRUCKS/me:mustangs

  18. Nick Juarez says:


  19. Captain FALKEN says:

    prius is junk straight from the factory. fuk that turd

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