Sarah Hyland Claims Matt Prokop Choked Her

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Sarah Hyland Dumps Boyfriend of Five Years►►
Sarah Hyland Leaves ‘Modern Family’ Event After Fan Grabs Her Boob►►

Sarah Hyland’s recent break-up is getting messy. Find out why!
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20 Responses

  1. CENTENON - Murica says:

    Funny how it's always the geek who acts tough. He's the type to run from a fight with a man.

  2. Hello _ says:

    I am so glad Sarah is with Dom now. He is such a sweet guy. And a 100 times better than this jerk.

  3. Blue Umbrella says:

    Matt Procop is my fifth cousin.

  4. OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel) says:

    when a geek dates a popular girl in Geek charming and then the "geek" ends up being a psychopath and they break up. 🙁 so sad I am so sorry Sarah.

  5. Travy Moore says:

    Leave her alone

  6. Ryley Gettig says:

    i hate him shes awesome

  7. Ca Ka says:

    She's with Dominic now! Thanks the Gods! Matt looks like a psychopath and apparently is one!

  8. Michelle O says:

    this is effed up! I remember her talking on an interview how he was with her during her surgery & really supportive—wtf happened!? :O

  9. Fluorescent Adolescent says:

    This is what happens when your a former high school musical member guys..

  10. Mazen Said says:

    I hate when ppl fucking cuss so thanks for saying the c word

  11. Malia Tate says:

    the gabbie shoe brought me here?

  12. Chloe The Unicorn says:

    Thank You For No Saying The Actual "C" Word And Just Saying"C Word"Sometimes I get offended when people Curse

  13. Mofocken Cloud m8 says:

    is Prokop Czech? in Czech rep Prokop is an often used surname (last name) 😀

  14. Leonora Smith says:

    00:12 hairy arms

  15. Audrey The Ausllyologist says:

    Does anyone else notice that Stephanie Bauer's dress is the same one Ally form Austin & Ally wore in season 4 episode 6?

  16. Mohamed Arale says:

    omg geek charming XD i really wanted to be together

  17. Nada Baki says:

    Its such a shame …. I love geek charming and from the day i watched it i was hoping they Will always stay together !!!!!!:( yesterday i watched the movie in french and when it finished i rewatched it in english and képi on replaying the ending part …. So cute!!!!!!!:)

  18. Haidi Anderston says:

    I am really glad she asked for help and that Julie did not leave her alone. 

  19. Fin And Lila says:

    Omg I can't believe they are done i loved them together i was hoping for Geek Charming 2 ????????

  20. Damon Ashley says:

    dumb bitches love the bad boys. maybe go for a nice guy for a change.

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