Silver Screen – Teen Beach 2 (Maia Mitchell & Ross Lynch) – Lyrics On Screen

Silver Screen - Teen Beach 2 (Maia Mitchell & Ross Lynch) - Lyrics On Screen

Yessssss I’ve been waiting for this soundtrack forever! And wooop! Two videos in two days! It’s more than I’ve done in almost 2 years lol
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20 Responses

  1. Kimberly Northcutt says:

    I love this so much

  2. Emilio search pop says:


  3. Mónica nayeli says:

    me gusta mucho la cancion

  4. Tamika Mclendon says:

    I like this song so so much can not believe it??

  5. pia panda says:

    i like teen beach 2

  6. Pritchettsadie Familymo says:

    not my best

  7. Emilio Dias Mariscal says:

    di un cantante y luego tapate la boca y mi tu voz

  8. Taliana Ramires says:


  9. Mariana Maldonado says:

    Oh my good good song

  10. gumball and darwin says:

    nice video

  11. Amanda Bieber says:

    Eu amo o Ross Lynch??

  12. Adriana Saucedo says:

    I like Ross Lynch

  13. Disney Bratz says:

    I think they do use bathroom breaks everyone does

  14. GOTZJ says:

    I love this song of teen beach 2 ?

  15. GOTZJ says:

    amo esta cancion

  16. GOTZJ says:

    i love this song, is great :3

  17. Faith Cole says:

    love this song xxx

  18. Awesome! keep up the great work! 🙂

  19. itzameliagrace says:

    Your videos  are great I love  teen beach 2 but I don't know the songs

  20. Michael Lynch says:

    Love this song! 😀

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