Space Ghost Coast to Coast | 28 | Suprise

While Space Ghost struggles to make his way to the mail room and pick up a package, The Council of Doom gathers for a surprise birthday party.
Guests are Vinnie Dombroski, Jimmie Walker, Mike Watt, Dennis Diken, Pat DiNizio, Juliana Hatfield, Ben Folds, Cameron Diaz, Mark McEwen, Wes Johnson, Dr. Robert Bakker, Matt Talbott, Judy Tenuta, Lori Fetrick, Steve Henneberry, Method Man, Jill Cunniff, Rodney Trevon Oliver, Rev. Norbert St. Louis, Les Claypool, Larry LaLonde & Bobcat Goldthwait

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20 Responses

  1. Gabriel Sonicstar says:

    I'm not a cook I'm a villain.

  2. KANALYRAN22 says:

    Who was that at 5:22?

  3. irishgrl says:

    Pigtails and a poodle skirt!

  4. Bruce Wayne says:


  5. cfroi08 says:

    They had the Smithereens??? Damn you Zorak

  6. thomas finnigan says:

    Hell yeah !!!

  7. erickwattsify says:

    I really think brak inspired predator ?

  8. Brandon Umagat says:

    Any HUM fans in here?

  9. A. Rich says:

    zorak!!! zorak!!!!! ZOR AK!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tweezer Salad says:


  11. Miguel Rivera says:

    Can people stop saying "R.I.P Clay Martin Croker" already. yes it's sad but I would like to watch something without being reminded that he's dead.

  12. Ahad.Vedux I says:

    "my bottom is on fire…..roll the credits!"

  13. Tindedian says:

    best Ramones impersonation I've ever heard

  14. Estrella Hermosillo says:

    But Superman IS Clark Kent
    But Spiderman is in the Marvel Universe
    But Batman IS Bruce Wayne
    But Wonder Woman IS Diana Prince

    C'mon Space Ghost ?

  15. Danny Boyii says:

    Or that Poser Adam West ????

  16. Aflay says:

    "I'm not a cook! I'm a villain!"

    That got a genuine chuckle out of me. Like, the happiest chuckle I've ever had. I can't really overstate it since it's a chuckle. Just know, that brief moment of humor meant a lot to me.

  17. Ino Yamanaka says:

    "Oh don't harm me I'm just a tired old set of drapes" "but you don't match my desk"

  18. Space Ghost says:

    This is a bad time i can check back.

  19. SevenBlackSwans 7 says:

    Your gone

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