Spectacular exhibition by Lionel Messi in a 2004/05 Barça B derby

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20 Responses

  1. Watch_the kid says:

    I hate when I hear people say he was lucky to be in Barcelona.
    Do you know how difficult it is to stand out as an individual in Barcelona?Its not always a good option to start in a star studded team…..Most players who start in Barcelona eventually get loaned out or sold at some point due to lack of first team opportunity.
    You need to be god sent to make it into Barcelona's (attacking)first team easily
    This midget is godsent

  2. Csozombie says:

    say again "MEGOD"

  3. Peppo says:


  4. Kholer says:

    Se estaba horneando el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos.

  5. woodyfly says:


    lol defender is mad. Messi murked him so many times

  6. Cruz Mora says:

    He's wearing Nike cleats! Haha

  7. Huriata Bonilla says:

    Dude, the defender's expression (right) saying: damn! 1:06



  9. Kevin Fuentes says:

    minuto 1:34 el agarran de nalgas que le da messi a el numero 14 hahahaaha

  10. Jose Antonio Gsrcia says:

    cuando le gustaba correr

  11. Marcos Monterroso says:

    Desde muy chico pintaba para ser el mejor del mundo. Y ahora ya lo es. Simplemente el mejor………..

  12. LEO MESSI 10 says:

    el más grande de la historia

  13. arrigoful says:

    Greatest ever

  14. Andrés Rosales says:

    el.audio en vivo es genial

  15. David Castrillon says:

    gracias a este vídeo hice 8 caños

  16. David Vila says:

    The other team guys didn't imagine that they were really facing probably the future best player of all time.

  17. calamardo segovia says:

    leo en este partido jugo de mediapunta o me equivoco?

  18. Gabriel Medina says:

    a 66 pelotudos no le gusta el fútbol!!!!

  19. ATescoPlasticBag says:


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