Star Wars Collection


    Star Wars Collection
    star wars christmas special
    Image by Ben (Falcifer)
    This is my entire (with the exception of 3 plastic ships and an Airfix model of Anakin’s podracer) collection of SW stuff.

    I fed the images into Autostitch, but it distorted the bottom of the image too much, so I did this. I know it’s not perfect, but it gets the job done.

    This includes all my posters, books, magazines, figures, ships, cards, records, videos, DVDs, CDs, toys and anything else that is SW-related.

    It took a while, and I had to clear off everything else that was in the way, and I could barely move around in the space that was left.

    I’ve added notes to mention most of the stuff. Things that there are a lot of (figures, books, etc) I’ve left out.
    Also, please check out the full size (9999 x 5663) version to get a better look at everything.


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