Steve Richards Handles Used Car Price Objection

This role-play was done in response to a request from a sales person to defend a used car price. It involves potential vehicle differences and the dealership’s value proposition.
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  1. Zoey Michael says:

    I work night shift, and I have watched almost all of Steve's videos, and they are totally cool and technique's can be used in many applications. I have already used them…

  2. kosmosleha says:

    I could never understand why one owner makes any difference. Maybe that one owner didn't change oil a single time.

  3. Greg Fife says:

    carfax means shit.

  4. Matt Altieri says:

    All these videos only confirm what everyone already thinks and that would be they lie or withhold info

  5. Miranda Ann Ahumada says:

    comes off as patronizing

  6. Ed Zeppelin says:

    this guy just talks too much and goes on and on and on. just wears me out, could never buy a car from him. done with "dealers" and have bought private party, ONE-OWNER, documented cars for the last 20 years. I did not have to go thru the torture of someone selling to me.

  7. jerswift2002 says:

    I would walk out

  8. Holder Bee says:

    These tire rotations are gonna save you.. at least.. a MILLION dollars

  9. Juan Montes says:

    Learning lots from your videos Steve. Been on the business for a short 3 months and your videos have made a difference on my numbers. Keep the videos coming

  10. Ranjit says:

    Steve you always say did I lie, you did lie cause at first u said there's only 17 difference, then after you said 17 a month, not a big guy, love your vids keep them coming.

  11. Josh Zarembski says:

    I really love watching these videos, it doesn't matter where you are in the world the same techniques apply when selling, i love the way you break it down to the ridiculous of $17pm 🙂 I have been selling for 6 Years and have been taught similar objection handling solutions and this fills me with confidence to see they have been working for so long and clearly will continue too for me in the future!

  12. Colin Thomas says:

    love watching these when I have time! very nicely done sir.

  13. headtroma325 says:

    Love your channel Steve. Not even a salesman but it's surprisingly entertaining watching a professional at work. Are there any other channels you can recommend with similar content?

  14. Jerry Wigginson III says:

    Thanks for coming to Serra Chevrolet Bartlett!!!

  15. Joe Schmoe says:

    I'm sorry, but I have to interject. Sales guys keep trying to validate their job when in 2016 they are not needed. Salesman work on commission! Do not forget that. There is a cost price and a sale price and the salesman gets a cut of that gross profit. This guy is angry because people are questioning his useless job. Like I said, all cars including used cars should be listed on the web with the lowest GP a dealer is willing to accept. This includes less the salesman's commission. There is no reason that people in 2016 shouldn't be allowed to "Opt Out" of using a salesman. I'm sure people can read the what the car offers and a test drive will reveal how the car drives. Car salesman are nothing more than a customer service person. This guy also talks about tire rotation and oil changes. LOL, this is just a ruse to get you to the dealership so they can find other things wrong with your car. I guarantee if you go into the dealership requesting a tire rotation or oil change that the "Service Rep" (also a salesman) is going to find a ton of other things wrong with your car. IMO these guys need to take a long walk on a short pier. Salesman are worthless and I know some that sell toilet paper and paper cups and make 200K a year. How do you feel about clowns like his making four times the amount you do for talking bullshit?

  16. suprasiix says:

    As a sales guy myself, I would find a way to buy a car from this guy because I appreciate seeing this kind of performance.

  17. Brian Carson says:

    Buying used cars Cut the middle men out buy from eBay Craigslist ect, after you have done a vehicle history check and had a mechanical check, and if the service logbook checks out haggle with the owner, who most likely has a new car and wants this one gone, easly save 25-30% over car yard retail price,

  18. sidharth chand says:

    The used car across town that's less could be a previous rental, lease

  19. sidharth chand says:

    Also the car that's 1k less is probably the base base model

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