EMA Orthopedics EHR Software with Built-in ICD-10 Codes

ICD-10 solution that’s working today for Dr. Stiebel

Here is a transcription of the entire video:

Matthew Stiebel: Well, ICD-10 is a big nightmare. Everybody’s worried about it. It’s a lot more complicated, there’s a lot more codes. Codes are very specific to right or left side of the body, the type of fracture, the joint, out of the joint, and I think that that’s a lot of anxiety for physicians and billers. EMA gets rid of all that. It’s already built into the system. I already see it working where I can check my ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes and I’m not doing anything different.

The best part about EMA’s that it allows me to just be a physician and do the kind of things I want to do and it automatically does the billing for me so my life is a lot easier.

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Why ZIP codes have 5 numbers — and what they each mean

You probably know your ZIP code by heart but do you know what it stands for? It turns out that the five or so digits point to some pretty specific information about you and where you live in the US.


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Postal codes in Israel

Postal codes in Israel are numeric and consist of seven digits. They are assigned from north to south, thus, Metula in the north has 10292 as its postal code, and Eilat in the south was assigned 88xxx. Jerusalem postal codes start with the digit 9, although this does not correspond with its geographical location. Each postal code corresponds to a mail carrier route or RR, thus, when the letters are sorted by the postal code, they are assigned to a specific carrier.
Army unit postal codes start with a 0 and are not changed even if a unit is roaming.

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Pokemon Yellow Gameshark Codes

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Infinite Money

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Have all eight badges

Item Modifier
It Modifies the PokeMart Items

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Wild Pokemon Level Modifier

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If u need a Pokemon Requested then Comment Below, or send me a message!
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