Roger Bannister – First Human to run sub 4 minutes explains HOW he trained for the event

‘…There was one journalist who said eventually the four-minute mile will be broken, and everybody thought it was a pretty eccentric view, because there was a long way to go. But to me, at that stage, I was only looking ahead to becoming an international. I was immediately involved in the management of the Oxford athletics, became the Secretary and then the President. I declined the invitation to compete in the London Olympics. In those days, I didn’t train very much. We didn’t really know how to train in modern terms. There was this thing called “burning yourself out.” I didn’t want to burn myself out at 18, and I had a notion that if I looked after myself, trained carefully, I would go on improving, not by training two to three hours a day, but by training three quarters of an hour a day. It seemed to me logical that you could go on improving, and you didn’t have to spend all day running.’
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DJ Darkholme – Are we human?

“Are we human” as shown on the Sunday Show on March 4th 2018.
In loving memory of Billy Herrington (1969-2018). He inspired us all.

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Tricuspid Valve – Function, Anatomy & Location – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

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The tricuspid valve which as its name suggests has three separate cusps sits between the right atrium and right ventricle, thus preventing the backflow of atrial blood accumulation when it passes on to the ventricle.

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