#ResultsWithNDTV: A Peek Inside A Counting Centre In Karnataka

NDTV takes the cameras in counting centre of Padmanabangara to show LIVE visuals as votes get counted for Karnataka election 2018.

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Exclusive look inside Rory McIlroy’s home

PGA TOUR star Rory McIlroy gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his beautiful home in Jupiter, Florida, and shares how music is an intricate part of his life. .
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The Apponale Tower – Riva del Garda – inside the tower – steps and counter weights

The Apponale Tower – Riva del Garda – inside the tower – steps and counter weights
Call Me By Your Name Cast
Image by ell brown
This is the Apponale Tower in Riva del Garda. It has nice views of the town.

It has 165 steps (didn’t count them), but I went all the way up to the top of it.

Thought entry was free (got confused with a under 16 and over 65). Which means from 16 to under 65 you have to pay €1 to go up it.

As you can see it has stunning views of Riva del Garda.

In Italian is it La Torre Apponale.

The Apponale Tower

Riva from above. Climbing the Apponale Tower. A really special view of a really special place.

Each of the 165 steps leading to the top of the Torre Apponale brings you closer to the sky. The tower, challenging the massive body of the fortress, reveals the geometric designs of the squares below. Climbing the tower you will experience the thrill of entering its interior, the excitement of the ascent, the dizzying emotion of reaching the summit, the surprisingly breath-taking view.

The Apponale Tower is first mentioned in the archives of the town in 1273 , and it certainly pre-dates this. L. A. Banuffaldi claims that it was the "keep of a fortification that defended the port". It is so named because it faces towards the ‘Ponale’ , south west of the port.

It is 34 metres high, and the town’s bell, called the ‘Ranga’ which was cast in 1532.

Right on the top is a weather-vane, with an image of an angel with a trumpet, known as Anzolim de la tor, which has become the symbol of Riva.

(Taken from the sign outside the tower)

Shots taken inside the tower as I walked up it.

Some of the steps. Also counter weights of the clock mechanism.

How To Make A CHOCOLATE BAR MEGA CAKE! Loaded Inside & Out With Your FAVE Chocolate Pieces!

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