Microsoft Lifecam Studio vs Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

On today’s Soldier’s Tech Battlefield, Mark Watson examines the Microsoft Lifecam Studio vs the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. Let the webcam battle begin!

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Introducing Microsoft Surface Go

Ready. Set. Go. Our smallest, lightest Surface yet, the new 10” Surface Go gives you laptop performance with tablet portability, adjustable built-in Kickstand, power to run day-to-day software like Office 365, and a stunning touchscreen. Just slip it in your bag, and Go.
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CrossFire Podcast: Mooch’s E3 Spectacular, New Halo Incoming, Microsoft To Acquire More Studios

Join us tonight as we review and predict what we may or may not see at this years E3 show that starts this weekend! Will MS acquire more studios and will Halo Infinity actually be a real game? Also, will Destiny 2 make its way back to triumph in the Forsaken DLC this fall? All this and more on CrossFire.


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Twitter: @mooch1978
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Microsoft Greetings Workshop (VSF Christmas 2015 Episode 6)

Microsoft Greetings Workshop (VSF Christmas 2015 Episode 6)

In the 90s, owning a computer was being sold as a way to open up many many new possibilities, including being able to publish your own greeting cards and suchlikes. In this video I have a look at a program that lets you just that. The program in question is Microsoft Greetings Workshop which lets you create anything from calendars to flyers and a lot of things in between.
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Excel 2016 – MOS Exam Certification – Microsoft Office Specialist Test Practice Training

In this Tutorial, I demo the different functions and formulas that you’re going to see the in Microsoft Office MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Excel Certification Exam. I took the test a week ago, and this demonstration will help you learn what you need to know for the test. I use a generic template for the examples, but you can apply and practice on any Excel 2016 or 365 program. This course training will help you prep and practice for your upcoming test.

MOS Excel 2016 Exam. Excel Certification 2016. Ecel Certification 2016. Excel 2016 Certification Test. Microsoft 2016 MOS Word Certification Training Practice. MOS 2016 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel Expert. Excel 1016 Certification.

Here is a full list of tutorial videos available on my channel:

Windows 10:
Perform Basic Mouse Operations
Create Folders
Explore the Windows 10 Desktop, Taskbar, and Start Menu
Select Multiple Files and Folders
Download a File From a Website
Use File Explorer to Access OneDrive and Upload Student Data Files

Word 2016:
Create a New Document and Insert Text
Insert and Format Graphics
Insert and Modify Text Boxes
Create a Table
Format a Table
Present a Word Document Online
Create a Research Paper in MLA Format
Insert Footnotes in a Research Paper
Create Citations and a Bibliography
Save a Document
Correct Errors as You Type
How to Format a Document in APA Format
Convert Word Document to a PDF File
Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam Practice Study Guide
APA Format from Default Formatting
Table of Contents Tutorial
Format Paragraphs
Create a Custom Word Template

Excel 2016:
Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook
Enter Data in a Worksheet
How do you Export Access to Excel and Apply Conditional Formatting
Use Flash Fill, SUM, Average, Median, and MAX Functions and Formulas
Move Data and Rotate Text
Graph Data with a Pie Chart
Format a Pie Chart
MOS Prep – Basic Certification Exam Practice Study Guide
Change Fonts, Font Style, and Font Color
The NOW Function
Export Excel Spreadsheet to Access Table
The VLookup Function
The MIN or MINIMUM Function
Histogram Charts
Use the Sum Button to Sum a Range of Cells
Enter Formulas Using the Keyboard

Access 2016:
Identify Good Database Design
Create a Table and Define Fields in a Blank Desktop Database
The Primary Key
Import Excel Spreadsheet into Access
Create a Table in Design View
Modify the Structure of a Table
Create a Subform
MOS Prep – Basic Certification Exam Practice Study Guide
Add Existing Fields to a Form

PowerPoint 2016:
Create a New Presentation
Edit a Presentation in Normal View
Add Pictures to a Presentation
Format Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Customize Slide Backgrounds and Themes
Animate a Slide Show
Apply a Theme Used in Another Presentation
Search for and Download an Online Theme

Outlook 2016
Basic Tutorial

YouTube Analytics:
100 Subscribers
200 Subscribers
300 Subscribers
500 Subscribers

Computer Fundamentals:
Computer Case Types – Dell Inspiron AMD 3656
Printer Ports and Types
The Boot Up Process
How to Get Your Computer Questions Answered
Undo Your Mistakes on Windows 10 or Apple Mac
Routers vs. Modems
What is the Cloud? Storage as a Service
Types of Internet Services on Google Android or Apple iPhone
Browsing the Web
Why Use the Cloud?
Microsoft OneDrive – Creating Uploading Downloading and Syncing
Explain the Importance of File Management
Troubleshoot Common Computer Problems

Job Search Skills:
Values, Attitude, and Goals
Top 5 Job Search Websites
Prepare For Your Interview
Negotiating Your Salary

Video Requests:
Download GMetrix Test Preparation Software

Remember, the goal of my channel is for you to learn. You can request a video at any time in the comment section, and I will make the video for you. I will make tutorials and simulations and demos for whatever you’d like to learn in our class. So, I encourage you to make a request. I also YouTube Live Stream once a week to answer your questions!

Instructor A Morgan

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How to Budget Personal Finances : How to Use Quicken or Microsoft Money

Professional budget advice you can’t miss! Learn how to use Quicken or Microsoft Money to budget personal finances in this free online video tutorial.

Expert: Alfred Loughmiller
Bio: Alfred Loughmiller is a Multimedia Communications major from Utah Valley State University. He worked a number of years in advertising and television production.
Filmmaker: Danny Loughmiller