Feb 09, 2015 morning sunrise – 04

Feb 09, 2015 morning sunrise – 04
winters quick change
Image by Ed Yourdon
I take photos to change the world.

If there’s a natural disaster — fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane — that needs to be documented, maybe I’m the guy you need. (Alas, I’m not sufficiently brave, fearless, or suicidal to take photos in a combat zone — so if you’re looking for a war correspondent, don’t call me.)

But if there’s a human disaster that’s been overlooked — sadness, loneliness, death, homelessness, or a thousand other quiet tragedies, in your neighborhood, or in your own home — maybe I should bring my camera, and capture the scene in a way that brings dignity and respect to everyone. I photograph happy moments, too: the little smile, the grasp of a child’s hand, all those little moments of life that often get overlooked.

I won’t accept any payment for the photographs I take. I won’t even let you pay my travel expenses. I won’t use the photos for any commercial purpose. All I want to do is change the world.

Alas, I can’t take on very many of these projects, because I do still have to work my “day job” to pay the rent and put food on the table. If you have such a project you’d like me to consider, please email me at [email protected] with “CHANGE THE WORLD” in the subject line.


The sandpipers are typically a little braver than the seagulls and terns — and they will scamper right down to the edge of an oncoming wave from the ocean …

But they are also very quick to scamper back away from the water as it continues coming closer.


I’m spending the winter months of 2014-2015 in a warm spot on the beach in Indialantic, FL (if I have Internet access, it doesn’t matter too much where I’m physically located).

I’m trying to get up about an hour before sunrise every morning, and be out on the beach for a morning walk just as the sun peeks up above the horizon. I typically take 20-30 shots of birds and sand, water and sunrise … but since many of them are very similar (if not identical), I’ll try to restrict myself to uploading only one such photo a day … Sometimes, though, I just can’t figure out which one is best — so I may upload a bunch of them, and let my Flickr friends decide which ones they like the best.

Note: most of these photos were taken with either my iPhone or my little Canon G7X pocket camera, so they aren’t quite up to the level of quality that I would normally expect. I’ve managed to set the Canon so that it’s shooting at 1/250th of a second and f/8 aperture, but it’s not quite as crisp and sharp as I would like … well, maybe the images will get better as time goes on and I figure out these little details…

Topanga Sunrise – 3

Topanga Sunrise – 3
Get Out
Image by bmalarky
I’m just dying to get back outside and get some landscapes/seascapes but we had another day of rain and when if finally cleared, just prior to sunset, I didn’t get a chance to get out. Instead, I decided to make some adjustments to another light painting with an LED. This time I used a Hue/Saturation layer and mask in CS5 to balance the color in the foreground in order to compensate for the difference in temperature between the LED and the sunrise.

Have a wonderful day!

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