‘The 100’: Lindsey Morgan Previews Season 4 Finale

'The 100': Lindsey Morgan Previews Season 4 Finale

‘The 100’ star Lindsey Morgan previews the upcoming Season 4 finale, then recalls Raven’s darkest hour this year — and why she loved it.

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14 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    She’s so beautiful

  2. Mars Samuel Zacarias says:

    i love you, raven

  3. queen moran says:


  4. Tootsy HD says:

    i love her, i love raven.. shes amazing.

  5. Mew says:

    Raven is my favorite ?

  6. Droy Hazard says:

    Raven I Love You

  7. Razvan says:

    what the fuck is she high

  8. manitari97 says:

    she looks so much like ariana grande

  9. khalil araj says:

    i love her????

  10. Jay Los says:

    Raven is my favourite character in the 100

  11. chiarazero8 says:

    Love both Lindsey and Raven so much!

  12. myong2206 says:


  13. ParalyzedRaven says:

    Lindsey's laugh is everything.

  14. 10animallover10 says:

    Yes Raven is freaking bad-ass! Such an underrated character! Less now but she was for a fair amount of time on the show unfortunately. I agree Lindsey, I like the romances in here, makes the show even more enjoyable but self-discovery etc is really good, awesome, interesting and regreshing to watch 🙂 Yes that tank scene and everything around it was her best scene this season up till now, like wow! 0.0 8D

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