‘The Get Down’ Gets Shut Down – BET Breaks

The hit Netflix series is officially canceled.

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20 Responses

  1. BETNetworks says:

    What are your thoughts on “The Get Down” being shut down?


  2. hifijohnny says:

    Once again racism and homophobia reign supreme in the United States. United

  3. paco says:

    The show sucked

  4. Lea K says:

    why you ask? cos all netflix do is promote that shit 13 excuses

  5. Daniela Rodriguez says:

    It was actually a really good show , sad it got cancelled now I'll never know what happens next ???

  6. Chereece Tahata says:

    bring the get down back

  7. Kid astro says:


  8. Tonja Richardson says:


  9. Katina Patterson says:


  10. iamDarwynC says:

    Man, the Get Down is my shit. I hate it was cancelled. Maybe another network could pick it up. It made me go buy Suede Pumas again…..BYE BYE!!!……?

  11. Deshawn Brown says:

    love the show pissed that it's shut down

  12. Eric Tinsley says:

    that was the joint

  13. derepa06 says:

    I've watched the show several times, but I can't understand how it cost $120 million.

  14. Black Messiah says:

    the show might be cancelled but that wig Jaden Smith was rocking is alive somewhere seething and salivating.

  15. Dr TeeBird says:

    I love that show

  16. Chubby Panda says:

    I blame it on the public not appreciating the art of it all. It was like a live play by play with details the movies style wars or beat street never touched on. I enjoyed the blend of history and the fictional cast jumping in on the action. Nas proving once again "WE" let it die…

  17. sammygirl62393 says:


  18. komplex shuffle says:

    the get down was white washed from the beginning,not hip hop

  19. Kendall Belvin says:

    This bullshit that show was Excellent I was looking forward to it

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