Tony Blair vs. John Major – “Weak, weak, weak!”

Tony Blair and then PM John Major in a heated debate, where Blair denounces Major as “weak, weak, weak!”
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18 Responses

  1. colderplasma says:

    Absolutely devastating


    4:40 that’s the look of a mad man

  3. Mr J-Solo says:

    John Major was a way better leader than David Cameron and Theresa May.

  4. Raxa Emu says:

    Blair: Week, week, week!
    Labour Party: Year, Year, Year!

  5. William Frost says:

    Blair was amazing corbyn is in the Blair mould in a sense I loved the quotes he had

  6. Livvy [Suga's Noona] says:

    Does PMQ's still have commentary?!

  7. Samir J says:

    Is it just me or does John Major sound like an old version of Pitt The Younger from Blackadder III?

  8. James Trout says:

    And this is why the Tories got their arse kicked in the 1997 General Election.

  9. DrumtotheBass Woop says:

    Tony should of told Theresa the same thing 😀

  10. Calum Isaacs says:

    "Weak, weak, weak!" at 4:20

  11. Roz Sa says:

    Mo Mowlam! god rest her soul!

  12. Joe Hargreaves says:

    apart from it being agreed and scripted, John put on a good show and B-Liar looked like a Hyena

  13. Dust Blog says:

    I liked Blair's early work.

  14. rnelson299 says:

    What year is this?

  15. Jeremy Clarkson says:

    John Major is a boring old fart

  16. Bottom McNasty says:

    John Major sounds like Michael Caine.

  17. D Lee says:

    What year? '96 or '97 maybe

  18. SuperForest78 says:

    Compare that Labour leadership and front bench to the political pygmies we have now-in fact that applies to both major parties

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