Trailer Park Boys Season 9 On Set – Day 5

Mike Smith investigates an equipment theft from the Trailer Park Boys set, and attempts to interrogate the main suspect. Guess who ends up getting fucked over!

Season 9 of Trailer Park Boys arrives on Netflix March 27, 2015!

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20 Responses

  1. Justin Groth says:

    of course he has a maserati

  2. Victor Okeke says:

    Bubbles looks and talks different here

  3. Jonah Butterfield says:

    Bubbles drives a Maserati..

  4. Jon says:

    man I love these guy ! get to see Lahey and Randy April 5th hopefully get an autograph and maybe a pic with them.

  5. Douglas Freer says:

    fucking bender b.s…. was that a 'smart' English accent or a true one????

  6. Blake Doty says:

    screwdriver trunk key and a fuel cell in the trunk. great shit.

  7. Rhaegar Targaryen says:

    Was that bubbles lol

  8. 94XJ says:

    His eyes have to be so jacked up from those glasses.

  9. Nick Fleischman says:

    Ricky is on the far left at 1:19.

  10. Shane Schultz says:

    that Robb wells

  11. FBragger69 says:

    So funny LOL

  12. Doge With It says:

    nice Maserati

  13. StuON22 says:

    Mike Smith driving a Maserati in the beginning …NIce!!! , Swear Net pays well.

  14. Matthew Madruga says:

    How do you have one of those cars?!?!

  15. Steven Cullen says:


  16. Anthony Shea says:

    dude looks alot like bubbles?

  17. Matthew Faulkner says:

    HOLY FUCK BOYS…looks like "Bubbles" is doing pretty DEEEECENT…I mean he's driving a fuckin' Maserati for fucks sake!!!! 

  18. Jaylaz says:

    Trailer Park Boys – Thug Life Recycling!

  19. Joe Nowak says:

    I cant believe randy is dead!!

  20. shapez73 says:

    Hey shes the chick that bought the hash from Ricky in season 5..cute too!

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