Tsubasa to Hotaru OVA 01 Eng Sub

Tsubasa to Hotaru OVA 01 Eng Sub

Sonokawa Tsubasa – 15 years old. A bubbly, energetic girl who’s called ‘stalker’ by a lot of her classmates because she chases after the guy she wants relentlessly. After getting rejected by an upperclassman who she thought saved her at the train station, she decides to help her childhood friend, Yuri with her job as the basketball club’s manager. There, she meets the quiet, unobtrusive Akkey… Is this another fateful encounter? Or just a random, meaningless event?

P.S: I do not own this video except for the subtitles only. If there are any mistakes which I translate, please inform me ASAP!

P.S.S: Gomennasai for being inactive for so long. T_T I’m just so extremely lazy to continue and was piled up with so many assignments. ¬_¬ But I’m back! ^o^

The programs I used for subbing are:
– Aegisub
– XviD4PSP

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