Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Review

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20 Responses

  1. Groove says:

    Everything is fine dude, but I was wondering, when will the next Ace Ventura movie arrive?

  2. Jorge Elías Bogarin García says:

    What about shiner gold pomade ?

  3. melayu pompadour says:

    cant you reveiw admiral pomade

  4. Muhd Nabil says:

    one of the best reviewer ….keep it up

  5. Angel Lopez says:

    Doesnit hold like layrite or hardens more lol?
    And hows rquzel? Does it hold like layrite

  6. Julian Gonzalez says:

    you should try the other ones they are awesome

  7. Will Arsta says:

    You should try this again with a new can. It's one of favorite hair products I've ever used. It doesn't dry up that fast for me

  8. Vladimir Trumpin says:

    Aye m8 I used it and the first time since I didn't know how much to put it was horrible but after I found out and it's my favorite it has a pretty good hold and doesn't get hard in 5 min for me

  9. Andrew Arias says:

    You definitely need to buy fresh cans dude because this one is super old and I can tell it is because I get free pomade from them and I love it!! You just need a fresh can

  10. Kimberly Luna says:

    You should try Hanz de fuko modify pomade

  11. Zach Russo says:

    It's not that this is a bad pomade, it's just not good enough to be worth $18. I found it as standard water based pomade that could hold up at $10-12 bucks

  12. Maxy B says:

    Yeah man couple of people have said it, you should have used a new can – I've tried the whole Uppercut range and Featherweight and Deluxe have this weird effect of gumming/crusting up at the bottom. It's thick but not as sticky as you say :I

  13. Andres Garcia says:

    suvecito doesn't crunch up ur fatass just uses to much

  14. James Sarvan says:

    What do you mean with "homebrew water based", what are those?

  15. Zumpelvelder says:

    Totally agree with this review.

  16. cesar ruiz says:

    Try layrite

  17. Thyrunor Ragefist says:

    I used to use gel for my hair, wich is quite short. As I started trying pomade, I really loved this one a lot! It is a lot creamier and softer when the tin is brand new, but it gets dryer and stickier as it empties… And I absolutely love the scent! Well, for a water-based gel-pomade I think its really nice, but as you mentioned also expensive. About 18 – 20 €uro in Germany!

  18. Dylan Bos says:

    I got a can of uppercut and it's the best I find. I have fine and straight hair and it's the best for a slick back or a high&tight slick back! When I got my can it comes out like butter it's easy outta the can. Layrite I find is thicker outta the can and dries quicker. Personally I like uppercut. You always bash on water based pomades. Maybe you should stick to oil based reviews no offence. Your reviews are awesome and what not but why bash on water base all the time!
    Anyone that is watching this video and wants to try uppercut try it you won't be disappointed in the product and well worth the money!!!

  19. Sebastian Macias says:

    Upper cut is the best

  20. thrashingjustin says:

    Use a new can cus the one you have is old and is already dried up lol. A fresh can literally comes out like butter and takes awhile to dry. Youre using literally chewing gum compared to what it really is.

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