Visage – 17 Minutes of SCARY Gameplay (Horror Game 2017) All Gameplay So Far

Visage – 17 Minutes of SCARY Gameplay (Horror Game 2017) All Gameplay So Far
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20 Responses

  1. Pink Guy Of DOOM says:

    This game vs Agony vs Scorn vs outlast II? Who wins?

  2. Adriana Torres says:

    this is most realistic game i ever seen hope it comes out and i hope to see people playing this is gono be fun watching them get scare cuz it seems so real

  3. TheHeavyGamer says:

    I like the level of detailing!

  4. Canal Ni Araújo says:

    1:52 – well… XD 3 : 33 – you are so screwed.

  5. michael tavares says:

    looks like a very traditional, very cliche horror game heavily inspired by the silent hill franchise (not just PT). looks good but hope the story is intriguing

  6. Riku Kobayashi says:

    this was the longest 17 minutes in my life

  7. EuSuntJemo#YasuoGod says:

    how do i play it too???
    i wanna play itttt

  8. victeezy77 says:

    Please let this be ps vr compatible

  9. Kevin Santos says:

    hopefully they dont cancelled like P.T. WE NEED MORE GAMES LIKE THIS!!!

  10. Gerson Oliveira says:

    I love horror game !!!

  11. Abhirun Das says:

    I'd keep a flamethrower if I had a house like these. Just so if any ghosts should up I'd burn down my house. Fucking creepy as hell.

    Rihanna in the background "Just gonna stand there, watch me burn…"

  12. Frank Fabian says:

    this game looks like for little kids not scary

  13. nightwolf says:

    so bored

  14. GTS- MEGHNI says:

    2:51 !/WARNINGS!/ !/ JUMP SCARES !/

  15. Βασίλης Πάλλης says:

    Another Layers of Fear type game… So boring…

  16. TrueSake says:

    Looks cool for VR. The guy who is playing this plays too damn slow. Get to the point already!

  17. Silly willy Suicide says:

    I wonder what would happen if Mr Magoo would stay over in this house for the weekend ????

  18. M4theus XD says:

    oh, just another game inspired by silent Hill…

  19. Zed 5786 says:

    dont look scary its shit

  20. Joe Smith Manwill says:

    Fuck this shit…I'm out!


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