who’s better fit for Liverpool Naby Keita or Chamberlain

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  1. Henry Sardentski says:

    i would not shed a tear or feel an ounce of sadness if Steve Nicol were to be Christopher Reeved. This guy is the biggest fucking fool in football.

  2. Ill Litterate MC says:

    They're two completely different players lol

  3. TheRoadAhead says:

    Craig Burley is dick head. Hes like the Lawrenson of these guys.Its like a chore just to answer a fucking question.

  4. Rattan Mutti says:

    Do these guys not know that AC Milan have already signed Ricardo Rodriguez, Maussachio, Kessie and Andre Silva

  5. impostor says:

    Arsenal fans are such a bunch of cunts – fact

  6. Football-Pundit says:

    If u look at the players, Spain U-21 would be favorites.

  7. andymacduff2 says:

    This show is nonsense. Two grumpy men and two clueless morons

  8. Larry Passah says:

    didn't even talk bout nabi keita also…dumbheads

  9. Larry Passah says:

    somebody sign nabi keita he's too good…

  10. Samie Aldulaimi says:

    That guy that sits alone has no idea about football and is not objective in his views

  11. Olaniyi Olabanji says:

    Naby is better than Oxen Chamberlain

  12. Rumman Hussain says:

    "Chamberlain can brings us fertility and has untapped potential and can bring the success!!!!!!!!"??????????
    Are you fucking fucked in your fucking asshole??? Bloody fucker doesn't have any idea and came here to explain how to win the title!!! Fuckk??

  13. Rumman Hussain says:

    Oxf. Chamberlain would be the worst worst mistake ever for klopp. Please Please Please don't waste the money #LiverpoolFC

  14. mad bro says:

    only clicked on this because of the title, who tf would go for Chamberlain instead of Keita ?
    nvm, probably the same people who see Rashford on the level of Mbappé.

  15. Christopher Don says:

    england would get pumped ahah most overrated team ever they are so so bad

  16. Abdi Ahmed says:

    Spain U21's can't beat England, they may dominate the ball but they won't cut through the defence. It will be similar to United vs Ajax in the final where Ajax dominated the ball but couldn't penetrate the more experienced side.

    Remember it wasn't long ago Spain and England had a friendly. It finished 2-2 although neither side put out their strongest 11.

  17. Sachon Morgan says:

    lmao who pays these mugs

  18. Tyron says:

    these guys are useless

  19. Json Clarke says:

    ooohh shut the he'll up Panel …Chatting aload Ov Shite …Bout Beat England …Like iv said many times B4 the English Guys Hav Got No Heart 4 There Own Countrymen….U lot Would Rather Prase All The Foreign players #RealTalk #SNM #YNWA #Disgrace

  20. Sean Price says:

    this panel is fucking cancer lmao

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