Why Are Fans Mad About The Pokemon Direct?

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So why were people so mad at Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, Pokken Deluxe, and Pokemon Gold and Silver on Nintendo 3DS?

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20 Responses

  1. ProtoMario says:

    Gimme a Like if you Love Pokemon Crystal

  2. Korodan the Lion King says:

    I was actually pretty hyped because of the announcements. I missed out on buying Pokken Tournament for the Wii U and also not sure about buying it now since they showed no support for the console version with DLC characters not being released on Wii U. but if they are going to give the game the proper support that it deserves I'd be happy to pick it up as soon as I have a switch. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are not the hypest things in the world, but as long as they are fun I'll be happy to play them. It would be weird not having a 3/4th game two generations in a row. Also the virtual console 2nd gen games are pretty neat. Wish they would have considered Crystal, but I'm not mad since Gold was my first pokemon game and Gold and Silver are awesome themselves.

  3. B shank says:

    i run throw my copie of emerald once a month

  4. Fat Idiot says:

    You can just buy a digital code from Nintendo on Amazon and get the same thing, with much less of a hassle.

  5. Renee Bletcher says:

    I wish Pokemon crystal came

  6. Adrian Garcia says:

    I played the originals my cousin gave me game boy color with his Pokémon games they where great and they got me hooked onto pokemon

  7. WakeUpUniverse says:

    I been Playing Pokemon Since Blue Version and Still Playing. I would Kill for a Console Version of Pokemon. Atleast make it Cross Platform if you cant Even Give us the Decency of a Made for Console Game but then i guess it would be Just a more Expensive way of the Virtual Console….Whatever.

  8. Jon Jackson says:

    I'm 17 and grew up with a gb and had both red and blue, not crystal till much later

  9. Sammie Swasey says:

    Lesson to the wise… Shoulda waited a week and you would have gotten your Switch announcement lol.

  10. Sammie Swasey says:

    I'm sad we aren't getting Crystal because I love the girl characters design. – TEAR –

  11. Ellie Breedlove says:

    I have Gold and Silver on the GBC. I am 14.

  12. Ebo Scrubbly says:

    I'm only in it or Pokemon Pearl and Diamond remake, the quicker they get out the quicker we get Black and White remakes and that's all u care about. Then my life is complete.

  13. Ebo Scrubbly says:

    Proto, still going on I see, nice!!! Love your videos?

  14. Kcat Stars says:

    I like it. And happy for the games to come out.

  15. Albasant The great says:

    I dislike you and this video.

  16. TheRokunana says:

    And now Pokemon is coming to Switch? Happy now crybabies?

  17. Alex Stahl says:

    I'm 19 and I grew up on Crystal because we couldn't afford the new ones and my sister had Crystal!!

  18. Ivan Hammell says:

    I'm only 14 and i played it on gameboy but internal battery was broken so I had to try and beat the game on one set of batteries since I couldn't save

  19. GZeroX says:

    More Pokémon games ?!! Mooooooooooore smogon bans

  20. Midytheimp says:

    I'm 19 and I did play Gold Version. It was my second Pokemon game. My first was Ruby. Out of all the games, Gold will hold a special place in my heart because of my favorite song (Lucky Channel) and the game was just that good. I never got to play Crystal(my sister did) so this is a huge disappointment because I really want to play every single game.

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