Why Is Anti-Semitism On The Rise? | Emma Barnett On The Pledge

Why Is Anti-Semitism On The Rise? | Emma Barnett On The Pledge

Emma Barnett asks when it became OK to equate Jews and Israel with the actions of Hitler.

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20 Responses

  1. Lisa Davies says:

    Nobody cares about Judaism as a religion, we're quite tolerant people. Despite what the jewish owned media say. But zionism is a disease that needs to be stamped out! Anyone not aware of zionism should research 'zionist agenda'. Because you'll learn nothing about it from the zionist owned media!

  2. Lisa Davies says:

    What a load of crap! We wont be able to criticize israel no matter what atrocities they do without being called rascist, yet the bbc are the biggest bunch of islamophobes, which makes sense because just about everyone at the bbc is jewish, eve though they're only 2% of the population. Over representation an understatement! What if 100% of media was Christian of Muslim owned? This is a joke. They know why people are pissed off, but they're playing the victim again!

  3. Lisa Davies says:

    She's a jewish person working for the bbc. How very unusual lol

  4. Lisa Davies says:

    How is it ok to equate jews with hitler? Because they funded him

  5. Lisa Davies says:

    Look at them pretending there's a deep seated hate for jews. Its a hate for the zionist jews who are controlling the world we live i!

  6. Lisa Davies says:

    The problem is zionism . The problem is israeli zionists murdering millions in war. The problem is all media is owned by 6 jewish companies. Thats why people have had enough of israel. We know whats going no since the interet, since we dot have to listen to zionist propagada 24/7. Oh and ww2 was funded by jewish bankers, they funded both sides and were the only people to profit! Lets talk about that shall we bbc?

  7. Sprinkz says:

    If you think someone's criticizing Israel falsely then it's so damn easy to debate and show the facts to prove them wrong!
    Or you can just call them Anti-Semitic then have no need to give any facts, because they're now an Anti-Semitic and no-one debates with Anti-Semitics even if they're were criticizing Israel justly
    Wow they've just stumbled on the best "GET-OUT-OF-JAIL-FREE-CARD" and "WE-CAN-DO-WHATEVER-THE-FK-WE-LIKE-CARD"

  8. Research1 says:

    This Jew's problem is that she expects people to know that she is a Jew and take extra caution to not offend her. The current Jewish problems are not new. The Jews are paying for their Genocidal conduct in Russia and in the Mideast. The jews committed a genocide of 4 million people in Russia/Ukraine  called the Holodomor. Now, they are subverting the USA into killing Arabs. The jews are crazy, all except the good Jews. These Brits are whipped. The Jews have no special right not to be criticized, especially in view of the information coming out about the Bolshevik revolution and the jewsish corruption of the US government. At least we have free speech in the US.

  9. wilcox tam says:

    shes very cute

  10. Badge Man says:

    Labour and left are ideologically dead

  11. Chris Coleman says:

    who or what is this woman??..

  12. byron elenica says:

    Absolute bollix ref labour party link.

  13. byron elenica says:

    I have never heard anyone compare jews/israelis to Hitler ??

  14. byron elenica says:

    Grow up, get stronger and argue the point… dont make special case laws.

  15. byron elenica says:

    "just saying… as a jewish person" ….???? hello ..

  16. byron elenica says:

    There is an over protection for jews NOT applied to other races/religions.

  17. Pnoid News says:

    as long as the Jews push white genocide imma push for thier genocide…

  18. James Levitt says:

    Antisemitism is a false word ..Being Jewish does not make you a Semite …and being a Semite does not make you Jewish…one can convert to become a JEW…
    Many European Jews who have converted and distorted the meaning of being a Jew now cry antisemitism if you say anything critical of them…If Israel calls itself the Jewish state and does things that are wrong criticisms of it does not make you anti Jew …unless we are saying Jews are above crititicism….Nazis wanted a racially exclusive state and so does Israel …in this way they are similar..is that anti Semitic? It's a way of trying to muddle the difference religion,race and politics.

  19. Hannah Confino says:

    If you were wondering whether antisemitism is really a problem, look no further than the comments on this video.

  20. 1976TAlexander says:

    Holocaust Hippocrates springs to mind for those supporters of the atrocity's by Israel upon the Palestine's . Kindness begets kindness. Jews throughout the world Stop blindly supporting the actions of Israel, I then will wish you peace and prosperity.

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