Women’s All Around Final – 2017 Artistic Gymnastics Worlds

Women’s All Around Final - 2017 Artistic Gymnastics Worlds

FIG Official – 2017 Artistic Worlds Montreal (CAN), 2-8 October 2017

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20 Responses

  1. Elianna Grace says:

    the camera angles suck

  2. Bashe Kassim says:

    Seems African countries don't do gymnastics or its not their thing!

  3. Klaudia Kukla says:

    What? Sorry i From Polan. This is awesome.

  4. Flora says:

    I find that when girls fall and get hurt, people do not react fast enough !! If I were a sports coach, I would not let the gymnast go for a single second and run like an arrow if she fell

  5. Atta Khan says:


  6. Polymer Clay Preaching says:

    Only in Canada would Black get that score on UB! ???!

  7. Courtney Thurston says:

    Eremina's bars is composed SO similarly to Mustafina. I miss her.

  8. Cordan Rouge says:

    Omg terrible terrible form… None of these gymnasts have pretty form … Terrible lines… Terrible choreography… Gymnastics suck now… Bring back 90s and 2000s gymnastics where there was artistry involved… Long lines and good form!!

  9. Dooms Day says:

    That's just cold 😯

  10. Inbaayini A says:

    Brooklyn Moors is so graceful. Even her tumbles on beam are graceful and elegant and she's always smiling.

  11. romi8030 says:

    the comentator sucks

  12. Ava Reedy says:

    This vid was so long

  13. Mariquita Shell says:

    I like morgan hurd

  14. Lucy Pace says:

    Ragan 😩😩😩😩

  15. He Wu says:

    Everything about this year's award ceremony is so weird.

  16. cheernasticchix says:

    "International performers"….. you mean "international ATHLETES"???

  17. Ming Zhu says:

    Where is Simone Biles?

  18. Ming Zhu says:

    Omgg I Ragan Smith was already for world champions?? I remember her as the little adorable but amazing gymnast
    She's com so far too bad for her injury

  19. Pink Sugar says:

    Why wasn’t Flavia here?

  20. Pink Sugar says:

    Worst worlds, and extremely boring commentator 😴😴

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