Wonder Woman 2011 Intro

A series that we’ll never see…
I mixed together scenes from the pilot episode with the classic Wonder Woman theme song.
The pilot episode didn’t have a real intro.
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20 Responses

  1. Alfred Ricketts says:

    Thank god this was cancelled !! It’s embarrassing and just downright bad !!?

  2. Dale Howard says:

    This would have been great! The costume with the longer tights was an addition with the more traditional one as you can clearly see in the scenes. I love the recent movie and Gal Gadot, but they really should have given this one a chance?

  3. Devin Sears says:

    Netflix, could you make an actual Wonder Woman live action show? And make Gina Carano Wonder Woman! Keep the original theme but spruce it up a bit.

  4. Anthony Manuel says:

    how the fuck has Cary Elwes never been a super hero?

  5. Ben Hefter says:

    I'd imagine it would be like the Supergirl show but under budgeted and cheesier if possible

  6. Marzipan Pond says:

    Looks bad todd

  7. The Drewman says:

    People say that the costume killed the show, the execs at NBC said the show was embarrassing after they watch the pilot and killed it.

  8. MarvelDCFanGal says:

    Cary Elwes was in here? Damn, if he was cast in the new movie instead, he would have been reunited with his Princess Robin Wright :3 So close!

  9. Gerald Destinobles H says:

    0:17 is that Trip from Agents of SHIELD? Wow, they both (Palicki and him) needed another job, and Marvel gave it to them

  10. GarthanSaal444 says:

    The ultimate legacy of this film was a lesson in what NOT to do, and the lessons were applied to the Gal Gadot version.

  11. Justin Cavey says:


  12. Aric Lemont says:

    Why did they cancel this!? It looks AWESOME! It's better than Supergirl, I'll tell you that.

  13. mikes5637 says:

    "In your satin tights
    fighting for your rights…"


  14. Binura Kandanearachchi says:

    Oberyn Martell in his younger days.

  15. Nicholas Dickens says:

    Such a misfire! They could have put this in Smallville and made it so cool 🙂

  16. Dinah Laurel Merlin says:

    This pilot was garbage. Aside from the horrible costume, they completely misrepresented Wonder Woman by not adding any of her values, morals, or naïveté in the modern world instead making her a generic bloodthirsty crime fighter with no real purpose but to snarl at the camera. The fact that they set this show in LA rather than a comic book city is reason enough why this show would've sucked

  17. Nightowl358 says:

    She easily had what it took to play WW. Too bad whoever created this, didn't take it seriously and fucked it up. Could have been where Supergirl is now.

  18. Slushdog 101 says:

    Holy crap
    Thank god this was never air no offense
    Also I think she would make a great Wonder Woman
    But rlly can't even make the freakin jet invisible

  19. Astraldragon1 says:

    Justin Bruening was in that terrible Knight Rider Reboot. in 2008.

  20. John Burke says:


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