“Age Gracefully” Clarins Double Serum Review

Check out Clarins Double Serum here http://trackurl.it/1CRuA
I hope this video helps! Serums are the way to go especially if you love your creams like myself!

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FTC: Clarins sent me this product. As always, opinions are of my own and wont review it unless I love it and can recommend it!

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20 Responses

  1. louise partridge says:

    I'm 36 and I am not No old lady girlllll , I am young as ever !!!

  2. Sally Park says:

    I have the double serum, it looks like there are two ingredients that are supposed to be mixed together? I only get the clear fluid, but it looks like there are two halves to that bottle, to be mixed together.. Any knowledge of how that works?

  3. Melany Ledesma says:

    Wow girl! You are annoying!

  4. aaliyah says:

    Why does this have so many dislikes? 🙁

  5. El Moussaoui Mohamed says:

    it's make my face bronzer and bad but I make it alone without any cream pleas help me !! give advice to remove that's bronze

  6. Elizabeth Gomez says:

    Do not use around eye area. For the eye use total eye concentrate from Clarins as well.

  7. Elizabeth Gomez says:

    30 yrs and up is a good age to start using double serum

  8. Dalal Alhashel says:

    For which age group this serum can be used, I tried to find out but no hints?

  9. christoc99 says:

    Oh my Boooooooooooo……..i love him so much………boo come to your real mamma! (  even though i am a guy ) LOLOLOL……..  another male follower…girlfriend wohoooooooooooo  Ibiza uh?  you must be rich/….  sniff sniff : (

  10. Justin J says:

    Well "girlfriend" I have been using Clarins for years, and 'girlfriend" it is good stuff. But I never seen this sucker before, until about a few days It was to arrive, (unlike you I spend to try, not just reject because of price). I wanted to know how to apply it correctly, over and above what Cairns showed me, (because you would find this sort of visit to Clarins helpful as you dont know shit about application) ! What I learned from you is total crap as it was a review about….YOU……not the product. Thanks for the shit review, and if I was you, do more reviews because that is the only time you gonna get freeby's from companies, "girlfriend"!

  11. sven larson says:

    u are not gonna age well! for ur age u are looking very haggy already!!! and u have no brains!!!!

  12. Thomas Stalin says:

    I have tested it for about a year and I think that it works. I got the advice that it was better to put on during the night, the skin works when you are sleeping, I also put on an antimosturizing cream on top

  13. Ana Z says:

    Can you use it under your eyes?

  14. paola puma says:

    In the U.S It's $85 and they are coming up with a bigger bottle soon

  15. paola puma says:

    Marissa !
    I work for clarins. And love their products.
    Dont rub the serum. Squeeze a pump on your hand, warm it up and pat it on your face. Clarins products are not made for rubbing trust me.
    Love youu
    Glad you discovered clarins. It's the best line !

  16. sven larson says:


  17. cdtulips says:

    Lol this was great

  18. walker328 says:

    I couldn't even watch this.

  19. Classy and Inner Beauty says:

    You rock!!!!!

  20. Vixenpriss says:

    I have to try this

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