Ashley Graham Directs Women In Their First Lingerie Shoot | Glamour

Ashley Graham directs a lingerie shoot with women of all sizes and backgrounds. Ashley helps coach and inspire them to find their light, work their angles, and celebrate the skin they are in.

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Ashley Graham Directs Women In Their First Lingerie Shoot | Glamour
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20 Responses

  1. Marlen Guzman says:

    I think this a great. Women empowering women Truly beautiful and magnificent.

  2. Brittany Kantack says:

    Love Ashley Graham!

  3. sylvia aprillinda says:

    but i still want a skinny body 😏

  4. Michael Dudley says:

    i get aroused when Ashley cries at the end….

  5. Daniela M says:

    I am so proud of these women, they have no idea how much they've inspired me. AND AW WHEN ASHLEY CRIED ME TO MAMA, ME TOO

  6. Raphie Elle says:

    😢Ashley u r my hero!

  7. Cynthia Schell says:

    Thanks to all these beautiful brave women for overcoming their insecurities and showing us that we can do the same 🙂 Be blessed all

  8. Lieutenant Nomad says:

    Ashley Graham is E X T R A T H I C C!!!!!!!

  9. Ellie Gallagher says:

    The best part about Ashley graham is that she has the exact same body type as me except I'm younger but I love the fact that she will not give to sh💩ts about anyone telling her what she can and can't wear

  10. mark stansbury says:


  11. Itz Raptor says:


  12. francine7857 says:

    Ashley, my dear………thank you, merci d,aider des milliers de femmes, à sortir de leurs fausses idées, .merci ma belle

  13. PaulsSadHairline says:

    Ashley is thiccccc and not I'd smash

  14. Violet Tirado says:

    i just found out that two close guy friend actually talk behind my back about how fat" i am. we are in a sport and i didnt think they would say things like that. this helped me so much to go through that. thank you

  15. kray z Dude says:

    This Ashley graham chick is way hotter thin those tooth pick models

  16. Jenna Lucy says:

    That looks fun

  17. Almond Queen says:

    I feel like she does lipo which is cheating. and sculpting her body. Not actual plus size with the bloated stomach.

  18. Calla Hensley says:

    Love so much!!!

  19. Kirsty Macfarlane says:

    I love her 😍 😍 😍 😍

  20. Naomi Gary says:

    everyone looks so beautiful!

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