Create a Catalog-Quality Man’s Pose with Lindsay Adler

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In this clip, Lindsay Adler guides a man through a series of standing poses.

Watch her capture cool and confident male portraits by guiding a model through subtle movements.

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20 Responses

  1. Emee Lee says:

    your are good guider for boys thnx

  2. Ini Go says:

    i love it

  3. Varun Kamal says:

    this is such basic bullshit

  4. Ben Jones says:

    Almost every male has a hard time shifting their weight to the back foot/hip (as you can see the guy in the video had). A simple solution is to place a short piece of a 2 x 4 under the front foot. This will force them to put all their weight on the back hip.

  5. MrBluesfly says:


  6. Moni H. says:

    Robert Pattisons brother?

  7. Hashmat Alikozay says:

    I'm actually way better poser than him, or maybe cuter too! lol Check my profile Instagram @hashalikozay

  8. FELIX ASIEDU says:

    Hello Alder, i guess you good. i seriously like the way you teach and take the pixz. i wish you can teach me more and i'm ready to learn tho. i hope to hear from you . thank you

  9. Archetype00 says:

    Best thing that works is to have your model constantly move, so that you capture more candid snaps which appear more natural. I find generally it's cheesy if you say, "Cross your arms and look forward". By getting your model to move and constantly follow direction, they become less aware of themselves and the camera, and their body moves more naturally. It translates well to a still image.

    But it does vary on experience and models comfortability in front of a camera. If someone is stiff you need to direct more basically, and gently, so the shoot takes much much longer. A professional model knows what you want before you ask it.

  10. Kate Sparkling MUSIC says:

    Thank you for the video!
    By the way, I also make a video of photo posing.
    Look on my channel.

  11. Pavitr Kunder says:

    you are good girl!

  12. MrJcasilva says:

    All shots look good, except for the fingers into the pocket, but the thumb and the other must be showed; it seems the model has his fingers cut..

  13. MrRaigami says:

    is it me or all the photos looks terrible?
    made the model looks very stiff

  14. Arpad Krokovay says:

    your laugh is just superrr cutteeeeee

  15. Markdean Masanque says:

    As soon as I saw that the camera she was holding is Canon, I immediately subscribed.

  16. Alexander Onguko says:


  17. Abajabba Dahatt says:

    This is actually very helpful!

  18. Artūrs Neitāls says:

    creepy laught

  19. FireGamer YT says:

    This could help me in our contest 🙂

  20. Risimati Peter says:

    y is he not wearin a watch atleast

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