Denzel Washington Wins Supporting Actor: 1990 Oscars

Denzel Washington Wins Supporting Actor: 1990 Oscars

Geena Davis presents Denzel Washington with the Oscar for Supporting Actor for Glory at the 62nd Academy Awards.

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20 Responses

  1. Lork Lorkman says:

    best nigger actor since tupac

  2. amir khan says:

    My niggah Washington

  3. Lisa Payne says:

    Hail the King Of Performig Arts

  4. Jesse Low says:

    Should have won for Malcolm.X too

  5. Alex BlondAngel says:

    Some people in the audience not even clapping and Oliver Stone looking away yet clapping…weird behaviour…

  6. Angela Washington says:

    The way he shows love for his family.❤

  7. josh crawford says:

    You could see how powerful the movie and what the was about from the way he gripped that award.. heart wrenching ..

  8. Niki Edmonds says:

    My favorite actor…class personified

  9. Sound Logic says:

    Morgan clapping like a proud papa.

  10. मेघ पुष्प says:

    one of the great actor living on planet earth.

  11. John Rambo says:

    This dude has some serious talent.

  12. supermariofan03 says:

    For me this list should have been

    Danny Aiello
    Dan Aykroyd
    Marlon Brando
    Denzel Washington
    James Earl Jones

  13. Zaid Chalabi says:

    God bless you

  14. damian latimer says:


  15. dookeland8 says:

    What a class act. Paid homage to african american heroes instead of boycotting the oscars over a few dead thugs.

  16. g mack says:

    Glory was great,….that ending was epic

  17. barnes 77 says:

    if you've never seen Glory please do, it's an amazing film & this fabulous man's Oscar was unbelievably well deserved

  18. greenspan11111 says:

    Alert Alert, There is a Monkey on the Stage!..

  19. TimeIdle says:

    Those eyes are piercingly beautiful!

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